Thursday, December 01, 2016

What's in a name?

My Mom told me several times she wanted to name me something else, but couldn't remember it when I was born.  I think she said Meridith maybe?  It was some other M name.  I'm not sure how she picked Melanie, but that's what I ended up with.

You'd think Melanie wouldn't be that hard as it isn't some oddball made up name, but it seems to be rather difficult.  I've been called every "M" name in the book - Michelle, Melissa, Melody, Melony, Melania, and so on.   There was a girl in college who called me Melissa an entire semester.  After I corrected her a few times, I gave up and just went with it.   Oddly enough, I also get called "Valerie" which is my daughter's name.  It's happened more than once with different people, so I'm not sure if it's the "eee" sound at the end they associate with me or what?

Probably the worst of it is " Melon-dee"  The Melon-dee used to drive my Mom nuts and she would stress Mela- NEE to these people emphasizing  NEE over and over, purposely throwing my name around.  Yet they still carried on with my being some sort of fruit oddity.   Annie wouldn't be called Andy, now would it?   I can't imagine how the phonics of melon and dee are derived from the spelling Melanie, but it too has been a regular thing.

My last name was also simple, but it was even more perplexing to outsiders,  Russell.  As my Dad said he told his teacher mispronouncing it once, 'like you shake the bushes and they rustle.'  The class burst out laughing at that one.  Everybody wanted to throw an extra vowel in there and I got called Rousell all the time - Roo-cell.  My Mom got tired of correcting people and just wouldn't answer to Rousell - ever.  They could call for Joyce Rousell all day long and she'd ignore them.  That wasn't her name after all.

So, Hi, Holidailies 2016!!   I am Mel - uh - knee.  Or just Mel, or even Mellie. The girl with that "M" name.

Just not Melon-dee.

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  1. When I went from the simple name of "West" to "Sykes", I never realized my name was now actually "Sykes S-y-k-e-s" and that half the time I would be called Mrs Skies.

  2. I'm always surprised when people want to spell my last as W-E-I-S-S instead of W-I-S-E.