Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Disney ~ last day!

Since we had a late night at Disney After Hours, we slept in a bit on Friday and took our time getting moving.  I thought that we would have had our fill of the Magic Kingdom by Friday, so we had planned to visit Animal Kingdom.  Both girls were so sad to leave MK Thursday evening that we decided to go back to MK and skip AK.  They wanted to see "Wishes" one last time as it is ending in May and being replaced by a new fireworks show.

We ended up just hanging around Main Street for a while hoping to catch a glimpse of the Festival of Fantasy parade.  We had a dining reservation at O'hana at 4:00, so we had to leave MK just as the parade was about to head down Main Street.  Bummer.  I'm glad we left when we did though because the monorail was down and we ended up having to wait for a boat.  All was good though and we made it to our reservation just in time.

O'hana was probably the best meal we had all week!!  I do believe it will replace 1900 Park Fare for our dinner.  We ordered off the kids' menu for Val and Roni just in case, but they both actually liked the food.  Veronica didn't even eat her hamburger.  O'hana is definitely worth doing again.

After dinner, we went back to Magic Kingdom for the night.  We re-rode a few things, watched the dance party parade, and Val rode Space Mountain (by herself!) twice.  I took Veronica shopping in the Emporium and we got a spot to watch Wishes for the last time ever.  This is the first trip we were able to stay for the fireworks.  Veronica has always been sensitive to noise, and they were much too loud.  We've watched from the Ticket and Transportation Center before, but never up close.  Both girls stood there teary-eyed when it was over.  We hung back a bit and waited for some of the crowd to thin out before catching the ferry back to TTC.

Saturday morning we packed up and headed out about 9:30am.  Clint drove until we hit I-10 and I took over.  He slept a bit while I drove for about 5 hours.  We had hotel reservations to stop in Alabama for the night, but when we hit Pensacola, FL we decided to keep going and drive straight through.  With both of us driving, it wasn't bad.  We got back home about 10:30 Saturday night - whew!

It was a great vacation....   I love me some Disney World!!  Is it too early to start planning for 2018??

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