Thursday, April 20, 2017

Raising a pet mockingbird

Our Peepers is still hanging around.  He's a few days shy of one month old now.  (I call him 'he' but I strongly suspect he is a she!!)  Last night I left him outside for the first time.  For a while, I was letting him free during the day and caging him at night.  He was picking the most undesirable spots to sleep, like practically on the ground.  I wasn't sure he had enough bird sense to fly away from a predator, so I thought it was best to put him some place safe.  The neighbor's cat has stalked him and he flew away, so at least there's that!!

Peepers still hasn't gained his independence though.  He flies from tree to tree and has even left the yard, always to return to be fed though.  He pecks around and I've seen him eat a few small bugs.  I can hear him calling for me about 6am as the sun comes up.  He gets quite angry or HANGRY if I don't feed him right away.  It's quite funny and hard not to give in to his demands.  He wants his baby bird food and he wants it NOW!

For example, this morning I went to the gym and was gone for over an hour.  This is what I returned to:

(be sure to have your volume up for the full effect)

Just WHO has WHO trained here?  The cats are just mesmerized by this feathered creature that hangs out on the porch.

And then there's this...   Hand feeding is one thing, but here he is drinking water, or not...

He's making progress though.  Peepers first wouldn't leave the tree where the nest is.  Then he started venturing onto the porch.  Then onto a tree in a neighboring yard.  He still perches on my head or shoulder, but seems to balk at being handled.  After a few bites of food, he'll fly off only to return later.  It's cute as can be, and I am quite fond of him, but at some point it's got to end.  I can't keep feeding this bird every day, all day.  He needs to learn to be a bird.  I'm hoping that little by little I can ease up on hand feeding him and he'll eventually be off on his own, as a wild bird should be.

Most importantly, he's come a very long way from being at death's door when I found him.  For now, it seems we have a pet mockingbird or maybe it's the other way around??

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