Monday, June 05, 2017

Things that go thump. And whirrrrr

Our washer and dryer get used daily around here.  I wash at least one load of clothes a day.  They don't get folded daily, but at least we have piles of clean clothes laying around instead of piles of dirty clothes.  It's the little things.....  ha!

A couple of days ago, as per my usual routine I tossed a pile of clothes in the washer.  Later in the day I got around to moving them to the dryer.  I turned the dryer's knob and pressed the start button.  I heard a THUNK or maybe a POP.  Then the dryer began to make a 'whirrrrrrrrrrr' noise.

Uh oh, this can't be good.

Said dryer is not quite seven years old yet.  It's our third dryer in 14  years.  It was a mere $300 bucks new, so I began to mentally weigh the cost of repair vs new.  Sigh.  I really really would rather not buy a new dryer.  I stopped and started the drier a few times and the 'lawn mower' sound continued.  I let it run and the clothes dried fine, but it was just noisy.   I researched online and most of the troubleshooting tips referred to thumping or squealing, which I had none off.  Any other noises seemed to indicate a motor issue.  Various places online had a replacement motor for $70-100, if that indeed turned out to be the issue.  Worth fixing a 7 year old dryer??  Buy a new one?  Ugh.

The next evening, Clint had a few minutes of spare time, so we tackled the task of dismantling the dryer.  One of the help sites said maybe something was stuck in the blower wheel, or perhaps it needed to be replaced.  Clint unscrewed all the various screws and piece by piece almost had the whole dryer taken apart.  Then he removed the lint trap housing and to our surprise we found this.....

Somehow a lid from a laundry pod container fell inside the lint trap!!  Mystery sound solved.  It took a little time, but we got the dryer back together and voila!  No more noise.  Crises averted, for now.  

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