Saturday, July 29, 2017

Summer fly-by

School starts in less than two weeks y'all.  Yikes.  What happened to summer??

We did a whole lot of nothing.  Sure, I took the kids around town a bit.  Skating rink, movies, shopping, lunch, library, etc.  Mostly the girls stayed up all night and slept the day away.  I guess that is what summer is about when you're a kid.

My brave Veronica went to 4-H camp for a week at the beginning of July.  She had gotten invited to go, so the school covered the cost of the entire thing.  My baby girl got on a bus and headed 5 hours to north Louisiana all by herself, not knowing a soul. She was excited and nervous about it.  I won't lie - this mamma was worried.  I knew it would be a good experience for her but by the third day I was so ready to see my little girl.  Veronica had a fantastic time and talked about her camp adventures and new friends for days.  I'm so proud of her for having the guts to go!

While Veronica was gone, I worked on a surprise.  She had been asking about painting her room purple for a quite some time.  I had her choose paint colors, so while she was away I got busy. Roni is quite the collector so it was a task moving and organizing her room.  I think it came out great!


Valerie has had a quiet summer.  She has pretty much stayed home.  She's read book after book in her room.  She's a homebody so she doesn't complain.   I know she has kept in touch with her friends texting and such, but I wish she would have been invited to do something with them.  We took one friend skating at the beginning of summer and Val hasn't seen anyone else since.

Val's big summer news is that she got glasses!!  She can see!!  Quite a while back at a well visit, her pediatrician's office gave her an eye test.  Val couldn't see the chart at all.  Not even the biggest "E."  At first, I wasn't sure if she didn't understand what to do or if she just didn't want to answer.  Until recently, Val has never come right out and admitted she couldn't see.  We were at a fast food place for breakfast, and she couldn't read the menu on the wall from the counter!!  She couldn't see the moon in the sky!!  I got her an eye appointment and to my dismay, she has terrible vision.  She's about 20/200.  No telling how much of this world she has been missing for who knows how long.  Val literally put her new glasses on and went "WOAH," as she looked around the room.  She's a little embarrassed and still adjusting but she is amazed at how much better she can see with them.

We're just days away from 5th grade and 7th grade orientation.  School supplies and uniforms have been purchased.  Backpacks are packed!!!  Might as well say so long to summer of 2017.....

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