Sunday, December 03, 2017

Band girl

This is Valerie's third year playing clarinet in her middle school's band.  It is a lot of work with many after school practices, football games, concerts, festivals, etc.  We often have band after school 2-3 days a week, on top of other club meetings and dance classes.  She is busy.  This is only 7th grade y'all, so I can only imagine what marching band in high school is going to entail!

Val took to her instrument right away and has been a fast learner.  We discovered not long ago that she has perfect pitch.  I can play a random note on the piano, and she can identify it.  Ask her to sing a "B" and she can!  Perfect pitch!!! That is truly impressive for a twelve (almost thirteen) year old!!!

Anyway, Val has been practicing for months for District Honor Band auditions. They were given the music way back when school began in August, and began practicing after school.  She knew it frontwards and backwards.  Yesterday was The Day - audition day.  We had to be at the location bright and early for her scheduled time.  She was in full panic mode by the time we were in line.  There were two girls ahead of her, then one of them bowed out of line, so that left only one.  Then the door opened and it was Val's turn.  She did good over all.  I heard a few squeaks during the chromatic scale.  Nerves no doubt. She nailed the performance piece and her sight reading was perfect. 

No pictures she said!!!

We waited allllll day for the results to be posted online.  Val and her friends were literally refreshing the website every five minutes - hahaha!  (I admit I was checking off and on along with them!)   At about 10:30 last night, we hear screams and she came running out. 

The list was up.  Valerie had not only made it, but had gotten third chair.  There is only 16 spots, so third chair is awesome. 

Last year she was 13th chair, so she moved up 10 spots!!! 

I'm so proud of my ValGal.  Now let the band madness continue on into the new year!!


  1. Congratulations to Miss Val! That's awesome!

  2. Congratulations to Val. Our daughter started playing clarinet in middle school...and now she teaches at Berklee College of Music!

  3. Congrats to Val. She's amazing! I'd love to hear her play.