Saturday, December 02, 2017

Coffee, coffee!

I think it was last year everybody was writing about their coffee fixation.  Here's another staple in Louisiana: 

Community Coffee.

So much so that a big bag of it comes with us on vacation.  Seriously.  Nothing else will do unless there are no other options.  Even then we will complain about the terrible coffee.

I don't ever remember not having coffee every morning.  At about age two or three, I wanted coffee like my Mom and Dad.  I had a small coffee cup that was all mine.  My Mom served me breakfast of waffles, toast, biscuits, and the like with my cup of coffee.  I remember going sleep over at a friend's house when I was twelve or so.  No coffee there.  I had the worst most horrid blinding headache that day.  I remember going home and telling my Mom my head hurt and she knew right away it was a caffeine headache.  "Here, drink some coke."  Sure enough, it went away after I had my caffeine fix. 

I did get away from drinking coffee at some point.  I ate breakfast at school in junior high sometimes and of course, they did not serve coffee.  I did have my cup on weekends, especially when biscuits were involved.  Sam's Club used to sell this amazing Betty Crocker biscuit mix in a big yellow box.  It made the most perfect biscuits even better than homemade!!  Sure wish it was still available.

When I went to work, we had an endless supply of coffee in the kitchen.  The smell of burnt coffee was the natural aroma in the kitchen.  I was back to having my usual cup at home in the mornings.  An occasional cup at work was all I'd have, usually when a vendor dropped off something yummy to eat.

Now, I have to have my cup of coffee first thing in the morning.  I don't like that flavored stuff at all.  I have never had anything from Starbucks and I don't care to.  Give me just coffee.  Strong coffee, with 2 yellow packets (Splenda).  And a bit of half n half.   THEN I can start my day.

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  1. I started drinking coffee when I was 13. I was having a teenage crisis moment and my Mom sat me down and said, "Relax! Have a cup of coffee!" I started drinking my coffee black when I went on a diet and decided that I'd save a whole 20 calories if I drank black coffee.

  2. I'm more of a tea person but I do enjoy an occasional cup of coffee.