Saturday, December 23, 2017

Eve of Christmas Eve

I can't believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve already.  December sure has flown by...

Yesterday we were supposed to make a trip to the big Christmas Fest in New Orleans.  We went last year and had a fantastic time.  There's a huge ice rink, ice slide, fair rides, games, and activities all included in the admission.  I got up and got dressed as did Clint.  We got Valerie up and she laid around on the couch playing on her phone.  She said she still wanted to go, but wouldn't even get up to put on shoes.  Veronica.... basically refused to get out of bed.  I tried for an hour and she just would not move.  So, we decided it wasn't worth the fight trying to get out the door.  Clint and I bailed on them and went to the movies by ourselves!!  We saw "The Greatest Showman" and I"m glad we did.  I really enjoyed it and it was a nice outing. 

 Last night we did get the kids out of the house to ride around looking at Christmas lights for a few hours.  My Dad used to take me all over town to see the lights and I still like doing it. 

Today I did some prep work for Christmas dinner.  Valerie and I baked cookies for Santa, and well, us too!!  Veronica had a friend over all day so she was 'too busy' to help.  Tonight, Clint built a fire in the fire pit.  A cold front came through today, so it was a nice night to sit outside by the fire!  It's going to be COLD for Christmas - yay!!

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