Monday, December 04, 2017

Get your bake on

Apparently today is National Cookie Day.  Who knew?  I figured it would make for a good excuse to bake some cookies.

Who am I kidding?  Like I need an excuse to bake!!  I bake stuff several times a week for the kids.  Usually it's simple stuff for their after school snack.  They walk in every afternoon and head to the kitchen to see what I've made for them.

Just yesterday I made a batch of jam filled thumbprint cookies.  So good.  The empty container proves it.  Ha.

Today I made Val's favorite - chocolate chip cookies.  If I ask her what she wants, it's always chocolate chip cookies.  She's even made them herself a few times.  Sometimes I'll cheat and use a mix, but usually I make them from scratch.  I'll often bake one pan and put the remaining dough in the freezer.  That way later in the week when we're out of goodies, I can just pull out the container of dough and with little effort we have homemade cookies once again.

Do any of you bake?  What's your favorite cookie??


  1. I used to be a cookie-baking fool at Christmas time, but now with only my husband and myself at home, I rarely bake cookies because I will eat them all. However, since today is cookie day, it seems like the right time to bake some Thumbprint cookies sound pretty good!

  2. I love to bake and don't do enough of it, partly because our smoke alarm is too near the stove and goes off if you're not super careful. I love chocolate chip cookies, especially my Mom's recipe. It calls for 8 tbs of Crisco, a stick of butter, and a whole BOX of brown sugar! More the CCC, though, I love Snickerdoodles and shortbread cookies.

  3. My fave cookies to bake are sugar cookies but I don't eat them! I only enjoy decorating them. Not a big fan of royal icing. Too sweet!
    I say my fave cookies to eat would be chocolate chip cookies.