Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Lovely day.... not.

Something woke me up during the night, and I opened my eyes to find everything very silent and very dark.  No power.  I picked up my phone to see what time it was, and noticed someone had posted in our neighborhood's Facebook group that the feed to the entire town had been lost.  Lovely.  I figured it would be hours before it was fixed.  I dozed off and on until it finally came back on about 3am. 

My alarm went off too early at 5:45, and I discovered we had no internet. No cable TV.  No home phone.  All of Comcast's services were down.  Another lovely.  I did a quick look on my phone and found a notice from Comcast saying there was an outage in our area and it would be three hours before it was restored.  Lovely for the third time. 

Valerie came into the kitchen yelling at me about her school shirt.  All she could find was a size large shirt.  She wanted a medium.  The larges are too big and the collar hangs too low.  All her clothes are washed and put into her room, but she never and I mean never puts them away.  She has a big pile of clean clothes at all times.  I totally lost my cool and threw the attitude right back at her because I was so not in the mood to be bitched at because of a missing shirt!!  She has several and all of them are clean and just hidden under the mess in her room.  I then felt bad so I looked and it took all of 10 seconds to dig a medium shirt out of Val's clean clothes pile.  Drama for nothing.

We weren't late for school but we were behind schedule and traffic was just awful. 

Once back home, I got myself ready to head to the gym and run some errands.  I really need to go to Target and finish my Christmas shopping.  I was about to grab my keys, and bam... out go the lights again.  No electricity in our town or a few towns over.  Major equipment failure.  JUST LOVELY.  You know the traffic lights are out and the stores are out of power, so here I sit.  The power has come back on and gone off again, repeatedly over the last two hours. 

It's back on now.... so I debate on should I stay or should I go??  I'm thinking I will just wait until tomorrow at this point.

Did I mention it's not even 11am?? 

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  1. Oof, that sounds like a lot of frustration for one morning. Hope things are getting better by now.