Friday, December 29, 2017

Obligatory Christmas Post Continued


Christmas morning we weren't up too early but we were up early enough to get dinner started if we wanted to eat by noon!  Veronica was up soon after eyeing those wrapped presents.  Valerie wasn't up yet though, so she had to wait.  Finally she couldn't stand it any longer, so we dragged Valerie out of bed. 

What was the wrapped gift?  Some were decoy smaller gifts... but the big one.... the hot ticket item this Christmas....

A Nintendo Switch.  Both girls talked a lot about wanting a Switch and Mario Kart.  Darn thing and the games are crazy expensive.  I kept telling them there was no way I was buying that, but of course Santa had one hidden away all along.  It is really neat in that you can play it on the TV like a gaming system, and then it switches to a handheld portable game in seconds.  I tried to play it and can't.  The moving screen makes me nauseous.  Darn motion sickness.  The x-Box does the same thing to me, so I can't play it either. 

We had our Christmas dinner of ham, pork roast, bacon wrapped green beans, sweet potato casserole, corn pudding, rice dressing, cranberries, and dinner rolls.  Then we mostly just sat around all day with "A Christmas Story" on repeat!!

Christmas night we put in the DVD copy of "Monty Python and the Holy Grail"  that Santa had brought.  Neither one of the kids had seen it entirely, and I hadn't watched it in many, many years.  Still just as funny as ever! 

That was pretty much it for the day.  A nice, quiet Christmas! 

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