Thursday, December 07, 2017

Oh Chippy

We've been doing the Elf on the Shelf bit for a few years now.  Chippy usually shows up around Thanksgiving and leaves with Santa on Christmas Eve.  When it was the new thing, I did some looking around and decided I was not about to shell out $30 for that stupid little elf and book.  Thrifty me found the bigger elf plush on eBay for under ten bucks.  Sure, he's much bigger but he works just the same.

For a twist, if the girls are good, our elf leaves candy in our Christmas advent countdown house.  Every morning, the girls run to open the wooden door for that day and find two Hershey Kisses inside.  Sometimes Chippy forgot (oops) so the candy was late in appearing.

Valerie lost interest in Chippy a few years ago.  I suspect she no longer Believes, although we have never had such a conversation.  Feeling tired and un-creative, Chippy mostly just moves from hiding place to hiding place, occasionally being a tad bit mischievous.  Veronica still pops out of bed grabs her candy, and will glance around for Chippy.  We all know she is a smart, smart girl.  Apparently she has a theory.

She said those elves we see in the store, like the ones Books-a-million....  The small elves that come with the book.  Those are fake.  They aren't real and are moved around at night by --- parents!!!  Ours is different because he's the bigger one and that makes him a REAL elf.

Me:  Blank look.  "Uh, sure, okay.  Mmhmm. That must be it."

Something tells me, Chippy, that your days are numbered.


  1. Elf on the shelf is a newer invention. When my kids were growing up in the 60s and 70s, he didn't exist yet.

  2. He didn't exist when my boys were growing up either. I actually never heard of him until I started blogging and pics of it were popping up everywhere!