Saturday, December 09, 2017

Sneaux Day!!

Yesterday we had an awesome but very rare weather event!!!!

Snow is so rare on the Gulf Coast that the last time I saw anything comparable was in 1989.  We had a bit more than a dusting on Christmas Day in 2004 when Valerie was just 4 days old.  In my 45 years, it has snowed twice.  Honestly I didn't pay any attention to the snow forecast figuring nothing was going to happen.  It had been 80 degrees on Tuesday, and an arctic blast was heading our way on Wednesday.  Countless times, there has been a chance of the white stuff and we eagerly watch and get none.  I was almost certain this was another false alarm.  Joke's on me!!

It wasn't just me though because school continued as usual.  Normally school is cancelled at the threat of freezing precipitation.  Roads and bridges ice over and driving becomes a hazard.  I guess the school officials didn't believe it would happen either. 

Literally minutes after I dropped Valerie and Veronica off in front of school yesterday morning, it started sleeting.  It was pretty heavy and went on for a few hours.  I heard reports of snow in towns all around us, so again, I figured it would miss us completely.  Wrong!  I started seeing snow flakes mixed in with the sleet, then more and more snow, and eventually it was all snow!!  Holy moly - it snowed off and on for hours!!!!   I've never seen anything like it.  Simply beautiful and amazing.  I know people up north think it's funny how we get so excited over a little snow.  It never snows here though.  NEVER.  We don't have much of a winter at all, so getting any snow is quite an experience.  Thankfully school pretty much scrapped all their classroom work and the teachers and kids played outside most of the day to enjoy this rare event! 

After school, both girls came running off the bus bursting with excitement.  They have never seen snow before at all.  We all went outside to play for a few hours. What an awesome day it was!!!   I took so many videos and pictures.  Valerie said she wishes for a time machine so she could go back and do the day all over again.  It was so wet and cold, but so much fun and memories that will last forever -  December 8, 2017 will forever be known as the day it snowed in South Louisiana!!


  1. I'm glad you got to experience a snowfall!

  2. What fun! I have a friend who lives in Lake Charles; they got several inches and everything closed down. It's snowing here in PA right now - looks like we'll end up with about 3 inches.

  3. Wish we had snow here, Mel.