Sunday, December 10, 2017

Taking of the Christmas pictures

Every year, we take family Christmas pictures for cards.  I debated on not even bothering with cards this year as our list has dwindled greatly.  Long ago I would send out about 40 cards, and this year I have maybe 6 addresses on my card list!!  In the end, I decided we had to do it since it's our yearly family picture.  

I set up my good camera on a tripod in the backyard and used the timer feature.  Surprisingly, everyone (akaVeronica) cooperated fairly well.  We had just a little bit of drama... but not as much as previous years. 

These are a few of my favorites.  


  1. Cute. I don't "set up" photos but go with what I've taken throughout the year.

  2. Love the pics of you and your gorgeous family, Mel.

    I still can't get my hubby and boys to take a family photo! Perhaps boys are just different. No?

  3. Wonderful pictures! Beautiful family. Merry Christmas!