Sunday, December 24, 2017

The Big Man in Red is Fading Fast

It's Christmas Eve!! 

Santas, are you ready??  I've spent a lot of time planning, buying, and hiding!!!  There's a pile of presents under the tree, but Santa's are stashed away waiting for the moment.  I have small things under the tree, but Santa brings the good stuff.  The toys.  The games.  The surprises!  The things that they begged for but this mamma has said NO to repeatedly....  Ha!

Valerie hasn't mentioned much about Santa at all this year.  She barely cared much at all last year either.  She did just turn thirteen, so I'm sure she must know.  I've thought about casually mentioning something along the lines of, 'You do know by now that mamma and daddy help Santa, right??"  But I haven't.  She seems to be playing along.  Perhaps she is still holding on to the hope that it might be true, even thought she knows otherwise. 

Veronica is ten and still writes a list for Santa.  She started it way back in July (!) and it is quite a list!!  She is just going to leave it on the table and Santa can pick some of it and she's fine with whatever she gets.  She talked about Santa's toy sack being magic not long ago, so the mystery is still somewhat alive for her.  We have to leave cookies out tonight and she said we need a carrot for the reindeer.  On the flip side, she's said that quite a few people at school say Santa isn't real.  Most of her friends probably know

I know our Santa days are numbered and this year is probably the end. We've had a good thirteen year run with Santa, which is more than most.  It does leave me feeling a little sad knowing that it's over.  It's been work, but it's also been fun surprising the kids on Christmas morning.  I will miss seeing them so excited to have presents magically appear under the tree. 

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