Sunday, January 21, 2018

Winter needs to die

This was a few days ago when we had our third round of arctic air dip south.  Windchill of 4 degrees in the South??  The night before this, we were on snow watch again.  It seems we just got ice though, maybe some flakes mixed in.  It wasn't anything like the unexpected snow we had in December.

School was cancelled due to the threat of ice on bridges.  This is swampland and you can't go anywhere with out crossing a bridge.  Cold temps I can deal with just fine and all was well until Wednesday afternoon.  When freezes come, people run their water to avoid busted pipes.  We're on a cement slab and our plumbing in several feet deep, so it isn't necessary for us.  Many houses are off the ground though, and frozen pipes will happen.  Running all that water puts a big strain on the water system, and it isn't out of the ordinary to have low water pressure during a freeze.

Wednesday afternoon I was cooking supper, and when I ran the water in the kitchen, I noticed the water pressure was rather low.  It had happened during the last freeze right after Christmas, so I didn't think a whole lot of it.  I took a break from the kitchen and saw several posts on Facebook of people having NO water at all.  I decided just in case, I'd fill the tub, and it filled very slowly, but I'm glad I did.  It wasn't long before my weak stream of water faded to a thin spaghetti stream.... then to nothing.  No running water at all. 


I know that sounds absurd to loose water due to a cold front, right??  Our entire small town had very little to no running water.  The FB rumors were flying and nothing was being said by local government.  Nothing at all.  Calls were made and every caller reported back with different stories.  It was a power failure at the pumps.  They were just "out of water."  How can the water company be out of water??  On and on, lots of FB drama.  Lots of angry people.  Lots.  No official word from the water district or timeline of repair.   I caved on day two after hearing it would be days or a week before water was restored and rented a cheap hotel room just so we could get a hot shower!!

In the end, the official reason given was that the running water and busted pipes put such a strain on the water system, that it couldn't keep up.  The tanks were empty.  Oddly enough, after several people reached out to the media, a news station in New Orleans paid our town a visit to do a story on our water situation, and miraculously our water was restored by that evening.  Coincidence???

Three days with out running water was miserable.  No water to wash, cook, or 'flush.'  It's predicted we'll have a few more cold spells soon too.  Winter needs to go away as we do not have the infrastructure to handle this kind of cold.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Oh, January.

Clint had a bit of a sinus cold right after Christmas.  He had been on vacation the last few weeks of the year, and was supposed to return to work January 2.  He woke up that day with a fever, cough, and so on.  Off to urgent care he went where he tested positive for the dreaded flu.  Flu - ugh.  Even with taking Tamiflu, it lingered for days and he missed over a week of work.  He seems to be on the mend now, thankfully. 

During that same week on Thursday, Veronica was invited to attend a Student of the Year awards ceremony at the school board office.  She was getting an award from the parish for being her school's 5th grade Student of the Year, and also the winners who would go on to district would be announced at that time also.  Clint was not well enough to attend, Valerie did not want to go at all, so it was just Veronica and I. 

Veronica did not win Parish Student of the Year, and that is just fine with her.  The next round entails an interview process and a writing assessment also.  The writing she can breeze through, but the interview with strangers is not her cup of tea!

The next day, Friday, Veronica called me from school because she was not feeling well.  Tummy issues.  She seemed fine all weekend, but Monday morning when I woke her for school, she had a 102 fever, cough, sore throat, congestion.   I knew right away it was the dreaded flu.  Her pediatrician started on Tamiflu and I asked for a script for Valerie as a preventative, because it was a big week ahead for her:  Honor Band.  Veronica ended up missing three days of school.  Thankfully, no one else has come down with it.

All this same week, Valerie began her Honor Band craziness.  I don't know WHY it was decided that both Parish and District Honor Bands would be held during the same week.  It is amazing that in just days they learn all this music, but it was just way too much at once.  After school Monday, she had 3 hours of practice.  Three hours again on Tuesday night.  Wednesday it was all day, then the Parish Honor Band concert that evening (3 hours long.)  Thursday, it was on to District Honor Band for 2 hours that night.   When I picked her up Thursday, Val cried the whole way home she was just so exhausted and stressed over learning the music.  Friday went much better after a good night's sleep, and was another all day rehearsal. Saturday morning they had another 2 hour practice.  Saturday afternoon was the concert, which was over 3 hours long.  Keep in mind there was travel involved and also school and homework.  The kids did great and the bands all sounded awesome, but it was just too much crammed into one week.  I was exhausted from all the running, so I know these kids were too. 

So, it's been pretty hectic, and it's only two weeks into 2018!!  More to come, with out a doubt.

Monday, January 01, 2018

The end!

It is ridiculously cold here in the South and it will be this cold all week!  We haven't seen these temps in years.  School has even announced instead of uniforms, the kids can wear warmer clothes when they return on Wednesday.  We are not used to this at all and do not even own warm enough clothes or heavy coats. 
Our New Year's Eve was just as cold, but we still spent many hours outside popping fireworks.  Clint kept a fire going in the fire pit.  I made a huge pot of chicken and sausage gumbo and a few of our neighbors came over to hang out with us.  It was a good night, but much too cold!!   We came inside around 10pm and went back out at 11:57 to set off one big firework and were back inside by 12:02.  It was that cold.  We still have a bunch of fireworks that we haven't touched. 

We're not doing much for this New Year's Day.  My Mom always made a big New Year's dinner, and it still feels strange not having that.  We're getting back on the low carb train though, so we've had more than our share of goodies during the holidays.  It's going to be a simple dinner of ham and smothered cabbage for us today. 

And with that, Holidailies comes to an end.  Happy New Year to all....  Wishing you all a wonderful 2018!!