Thursday, May 31, 2018

A little springtime

We had some beautiful spring days here in the South back in April.  Mild temps, sunny, and clear blue skies.  I could deal with this kind of weather all year around, but the summer heat was right around the corner....

We took the opportunity to tackle a few tasks outside.  I revamped the front porch a bit.

My Mom bought this glider swing for us the summer after our house was built 14 years ago.  It was nice to sit on but it was big and bulky.  Time had left it weathered and just not visually appealing anymore.  The arm rests were junk collectors.  I decided it was time for a change, so we did this:

The rockers take up much less space and have a nice curb appeal.

I also decided to paint my front door a deep red.  I love red and have so much red around this house...  what's a little more?!

I also made the wreath with flowers from The Dollar Tree.  Not too bad -- just don't look too closely!!

Eventually I'd like to paint the porch a shade or two darker green, but that also involves painting the gables.  That will wait for another time.

We also spruced up our flowerbed.  Surprisingly nearly everything survived the winter snow.  I only lost a lantana and my hisbiscus plants didn't fare well.  I picked up a bunch of $1 clearance flowers from Lowe's and we replaced the hibiscus bushes with a jasmine bush.  Most everything is growing nicely. 

Veronica's orange tree is doing fairly well.  I believe it was in first grade she smuggled home an orange seed from school and asked to plant it.  Clint germinated it, stuck it in some dirt, and here it is!  It has yet to produce any oranges, but we'll give it a few more years.

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  1. What a lovely post, M! Love that shade of red on the door.

    And that wreath is beautiful!