Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween!!

When I was a little kid, I loved scary movies.  I mean little - it started at like two or three years old.  I liked being scared.  When ever the creepy music would start, I'd make my Dad come sit by me on the sofa and I'd hide my eyes or just peep through a crack in my fingers waiting for the scary part.  The scarier the better.  We stayed up late to watch "Dracula" on channel 12.  I looked forward to Sundays when Godzilla movies were on channel 6.  I saw the classics "Halloween" and "Friday the 13th" long before I was considered old enough.  I even remember watching "The Exorcist" and I couldn't have been but 4-5 years old (although I probably hid my eyes through most of it!)  I was 10 when "Poltergeist" was released and Dad took me to the theater to see it.  Scared the daylights out of me, and even my Dad said it might have been a bit much for me because even he found it scary. 

As I entered the teenage years, Dad and I always looked forward to October when the monster shows would come on TV.   There was no Netflix or streaming service to watch whatever you desired on a whim. It had to be recorded when broadcast or you'd miss it.  Usually the good ones were on in the middle of the night, so we'd scour the TV Guide and set the good ole' VCR to record them.  USA channel used to show lots of "B" horror and sci-fi movies.  TBS did too.  The next day we'd rewind the tape and sit on the sofa to watch whatever we had recorded... and laugh.  Quite often these "B" movies were so bad they were hilarious.  Dad would often seek out the oddest titles, and we saw quite a few doozies over the years.

* Bloodbath at the House of Death
* Killer Klowns from Outerspace
* Evil Dead 2
* Night of the Living Dead
* Return of the Living Dead
* Basket Case
* Eraserhead

                  ..... to name a few

At random times we could throw out movie quotes and we just knew where they were from. It always gave us a chuckle.  It's funny how those dumb movies stayed with us for so many years.  My Dad and I had so much fun together watching those movies.

I didn't get to indulge in too many this October.  The "Halloween" franchise was on AMC daily the past few weeks, so I had it on just for background noise.   That was about it. 

What about you?  Horror movie fan or not? 

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

October has just passed me by....

Tomorrow is Halloween!!  Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  Candy, costumes, cheesy scary movies, pumpkin carving, and trick-or-treating equals fall fun.  Besides putting up our Halloween light show and my inside decorations, we haven't done much at all this year.  This whole month just passed me by.  The kids have lost interest in the Halloween events around town.  We used to drag them to all the fun things -  costume contests, pumpkin patch, pumpkin carving contests, multiple trick-or-treating events, Halloween parade, the Booseum at the local Children's museum...   Just like that the excitement over such things are gone.

Sigh.  They have grown up way too fast.  They are still going trick-or-treating but have asked me not to go along, which makes me a little sad. Neither one has a 'real' costume either.  Valerie said she didn't feel like dressing up.  Then she decided she wanted to be "Tumbler," which is basically a blue shirt with a 't' on it.  Veronica wanted devil horns and she will wear regular clothes.  Gone are the days of taking them door to door in cute ladybug and princess costumes....

Time slow down.


Monday, October 22, 2018

Whirlwind day...

I've been MIA....   life has been hectic.

Clint has been doing okay over all since his surgery.  He's been feeling pretty run down the last few days though, which is expected.  He hasn't started on any thyroid replacement hormones yet.  Clint's pathology report came back a little worse than we thought -- he had three malignancies on his thyroid.  We knew of the biggest one on the right, but he had a smaller one near it and another on the left side.  Due to that, it was decided he would need radio active iodine ablation.  They scheduled it for Friday, Oct.  19, and we had to plan for 3-5 days of outpatient isolation afterwards.  Basically, the plan is for him to stay in the bedroom the entire time.

Well, Thursday afternoon we got a call that said the nuclear medicine guy at the hospital had forgotten to order the pill.  Yes.... forgot.  So they had to reschedule the whole thing for today.  So, today we went in and after waiting almost an hour, he was called to the back to take the magic pill.

someone gave him this shirt to wear

For at least the next five days, my radioactive husband is hiding out in our bedroom away from me, the kids, and the cats.  We can't touch any of his clothing, bedding, utensils, etc.  I know there are much worse things to go through but it still sucks!

Today is always a hard day as it also marks seven years that my Dad passed away.  It surely doesn't feel like it could be so long already.  I still miss him so much and nothing has been the same with out him.  He would be so amazed at all the things Valerie and Veronica are accomplishing.  They just adored him....  I hope they hold on to those memories.

And speaking of the kids...  today was overall a pretty crappy day until I got a phone call from school.  The guidance counselor called to tell me that Veronica's choir teacher has recommended her to be screened for talented and gifted!   omg!  Veronica has always been my little singer and she loves choir.  All State Honor Choir is right around the corner.  Now, she'll hopefully get into TAG.  I'm unsure exactly what the screening process entails, but I had to give permission for the school to move forward with it.

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

October equals Halloween know what that means!!

It's that time again....   time to rev up Bayou Blue Dancing Lights!!  This is our fourth year putting on a Halloween show and we have come a long, long way from that first year when we were just testing Light-o-Rama out!!

With Clint having surgery, the show was looking a little iffy for a while.  He said he could still pull it off and he did.  We had some help from some friends and knocked out most of the hard stuff the weekend before his surgery.  We managed to put all the yard items out a little at a time, and Clint ran all the cords over the weekend. 

I did a Facebook live stream on Monday night with in a few hours the video had reached nearly 5,000 people.  Yikes... 

We'll be adding a couple of new songs a bit later.  Here's a few short clips from our test run..... 

Do you decorate for Halloween?  Go all out??  Or not at all??  I'd say we go all out!! 

TT update

Thanks to everyone who checked in on Clint!!  I'm happy to say his thyroidectomy went well and he seems to be doing pretty good over all.  He didn't seem to have any of the surgery hangover that I had after mine.  He was up and feeling just fine with in hours.  His calcium was running a little on the low side at first, so his doctor is keeping an eye on that.  He's still in limbo waiting to see if he will need radio active iodine ablation.  Until that is decided, he can't begin thyroid hormone replacement.  We are hoping he can avoid doing that, but it is what it is I suppose. 

To be continued....