Tuesday, October 02, 2018

October equals Halloween season....you know what that means!!

It's that time again....   time to rev up Bayou Blue Dancing Lights!!  This is our fourth year putting on a Halloween show and we have come a long, long way from that first year when we were just testing Light-o-Rama out!!

With Clint having surgery, the show was looking a little iffy for a while.  He said he could still pull it off and he did.  We had some help from some friends and knocked out most of the hard stuff the weekend before his surgery.  We managed to put all the yard items out a little at a time, and Clint ran all the cords over the weekend. 

I did a Facebook live stream on Monday night with in a few hours the video had reached nearly 5,000 people.  Yikes... 

We'll be adding a couple of new songs a bit later.  Here's a few short clips from our test run..... 

Do you decorate for Halloween?  Go all out??  Or not at all??  I'd say we go all out!! 


Billie Jo said...

This is your house???
This is amazing!
I love it so much.
Yay for Halloween!

Tanza Erlambang - Every Day Issues said...

waw...the light so great.
thank you for sharing.
Happy October

Veronica Lee said...

Awesome, Mel! Twilight Zone is just perfect! Perhaps you could do X-files next Halloween?