Sunday, December 30, 2018

Amazing Spray

Way back in the time before DVDs there were VCR tapes. My first job was in a store that rented movies and video games.  We even rented VCRs for a while, but eventually they were all broken and were not replaced.  We also rented gaming systems like SEGA Genesis, but again, they all ended up broken.

One of our duties was to do a bit of cleaning to keep up the store.  Every night we had to vacuum.  We had a popcorn machine and it never failed that some kid would dump their bag of popcorn all over the floor.  We had to clean the darn popcorn machine which was a pain in the ass to mess with.  It was even worse if you forgot to flip the pot and accidentally burned popcorn (don't ask me how I know.)

Every night we had to wipe down the counters from top to bottom.  They were cream colored with red trim and people often rested a foot on them while checking out, leaving shoe marks.  We had to wipe down endless movies shelving also, which also was a huge pain.  Our cleaning supplies consisted of very watered down product called Amazing Spray and paper towels.

Amazing Spray?  It was some sort of cleaning concoction delivered in a gallon jugs by a local supplier.  The kind of business that replenished paper towels, soap, and the like.  It was a light reddish or maybe a deep pink color and we were not allowed to use it full strength. We were not to waste it, so basically we were only to put a small bit of Amazing Spray in a spray bottle and then fill the rest with plain tap water.  Then we used it to wipe down all that was needed every night.

I actually got in trouble a few times because my cleaning mix was 'too dark.'  Seriously I got fussed for using "too much" of the sacred Amazing Spray.  "Add more water," they'd say. "It's too red." Okay...

I'm sure the "amazing" part of Amazing Spray was lost by then since it was mostly water.

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