Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Cheap as Dirt

*TRIGGER WARNING*  If you have OCD or are a neat freak you might want to look away now....

Today I'll take y'all along on a shopping trip.  Not just any ordinary shopping trip, but a visit to Dirt Cheap.  If you have one of these nearby, you know exactly why I'm taking you there.  If you don't, well...  let's just say you have to be in the right frame of mind to visit one and you never know what you will find.  Dirt Cheap is a clearance/salvage store selling returns and cast offs from Target, Walmart, Dollar General, and the like.

To prep for your visit, I strongly suggest you dig out those search and find books your kids have shoved on a bookshelf and brush up on your "I Spy" skills.  It's the only way you will survive.

Ready?  We have arrived and first off, we see a parking lot casualty. 

 RIP flamingo.
First glance inside... hmmm not so bad.

But then....

Here we have huge piles of Christmas crap.

Need rugs?

Oh boy a Squatty Potty!

Not sure what this stuff is or was...

Hamburger bookends for that hamburger themed room you have.

I think the Clown did it. 

Oh, dear deer.

 Just stuff.

 Lots and lots of stuff.  Weird stuff.  Broken stuff. 

invisible power tools apparently

It's endless.  Shelf after shelf.  Bin after bin.

Pictures really do not do this place justice. It's something you must see for yourself to marvel in it's glory. 

Now we have found some awesome deals here at Dirt Cheap.  But you must dig and dig some more.  The Halloween stuff that was there was amazing!!   Christmas, aside from trees, not so much.  Today though, I left empty handed. 

That's all I can stand for now.  Time to go home and shower!!