Saturday, December 01, 2018

Hey, it's meeee!

A fun aspect of being a parent is embarrassing your kids.  Admit it -- you've done it!!

We are generally those parents who show up an hour (or more) early for performances and award ceremonies so we can sit right up front.  Hey, if my kid is doing great things I want to see!!  I also want them to see me.

As soon as Val walks onto stage or where ever, it goes like this:

*stand up*

*wave frantically*

*snapping pictures*  many, many pictures.  *more waving*

"HEY VALERIEEE!  IT'S MEEEE!!!!  IT'S MAAMMAAA!  HEY VAL!!!  VAL IT'S MAMA!! OVER HERE!!!!"  VAAAAL!!!!!!!  IT'S MEEEEEE!!!!"  and so on.  From the very. front. row.

As Val turns beet red, hangs her head, and tries to hide.....  Her friends usually nudge her and say "there's your mom."

Yep.  Fun times!!

So, Holidalies begins today and all I can say is:


Happy Holidailies, y'all.



Bev Sykes said...

I remember our daughter's very first dance recital (some 45 years ago) when I spent so much time taking pictures that i forgot to watch the actual performance. I still feel guilty about that!

bozoette said...

HI!! I'm back too!

Billie Jo said...

So happy to see you here!
And yes...we parents do just that!
Have a cozy evening.
Happy December!

Veronica Lee said...

Haha! I did that when Josh was performing his violin recital for the first time! I think teens are always embarrassed by their parents!

MissMeliss said...

I am child-free, and the dogs don't much care how I behave as long as they're fed, watered, and loved. But I remember my mother singing LOUDER in public every time I asked her to please, stop, so I totally relate. Happy Holidailies!