Monday, December 17, 2018

Judgement Free Zone

Our Planet Fitness opened earlier this year.  It was jam packed when it first opened.  Like you couldn't even check in at the front desk there were so many people.  I was still under contract at my old gym, so I didn't even bother trying to check it out.  When my time ran out in August, I paid Planet Fitness a visit and was very surprised at how nice it was.  Brand new, big, clean, and TONS of equipment.  I'd heard so many mixed things about it, but it seemed like a good fit for me.  Plus, the price was right.  $23 a month vs $80 where we were made it a no-brainer.  I signed up that day.

It's been good over all.  I've run into lots of familiar faces.  I love the ARC machine and the pin select weight machines are more than enough for me.  There's a few pieces of equipment I wish they had, but there's still many to choose from.  It's often busy, but it's not so busy that you can't do anything.  The spa is nice, although I've only gotten a few massages.  I'm not going to tan and I'm not even sure what the Total Body Enhancement is supposed to even do.

The bad:

Lots of people there "for show."  They don't really exercise.  They go to socialize and will sit on the machines gabbing to someone.  I've seen ladies sitting on a weight machines talking for 30 minutes or more, never doing a single rep.  People making phone calls while sitting on the machines as well, never lifting.  I get sometimes these things pop up but move off to the side or sit at one of the many table and chairs....   It's not that hard.

For a "judgement free zone" there are some crazy rules.  The lunk alarm goes off almost daily as someone drops a weight or accidentally knocks into something.   I personally got fussed for carrying a small drawstring bag around.  No bags allowed.  They belong in a locker.  Well, I have my keys, phone for music, wireless headphones, occasionally my iPad, weight lifting gloves, water, chapstick, hand sanitizer/wet wipes...  all things I actually use and may need while getting my work out in.  I'm supposed to carry all those things around in my hands??  Pile them up in a corner??  Yeah ok, whatever.  Not doing that and I keep my small bag with me anyway.  Oops, I "forgot" about the bag rule.

Do you belong to Planet Fitness?  Or do you have any crazy Planet Fitness stories??

The offending bag

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