Sunday, December 09, 2018

Just another Sunday

Yesterday we made a quick trip to the mall mainly just to see Santa.  I want that annual Santa pic!  Valerie protested, but I bribed her.  There's a few free activities going on - a giant maze and some super sized board games.  She wanted to do the maze.  She's done them before and it's always the same company and Val claims it's the same path to get out every time.  I told the guy at the entrance Val was really good at these things and usually can find her way out in less than a minute.  He smirked and said "there's no way you can find your way out of this one that fast."  He gave us some punch cards so we had to locate punch stations inside the maze to qualify for a gift card giveaway.  That took a while as we had to wait our turn to punch our cards.  We got our three punches and found our way out.  Then Val wanted to go again. She ran in and was out of the darn thing in 57 seconds.  She couldn't run because people were in the way so that slowed her down.  TAKE that maze guy.

Today was pretty lazy.  Clint went to the new house to change the locks and put up a for rent sign.  The kids and I just hung out at home.  It's a little on the cold side, so it's good gumbo weather.

chicken, turkey, and sausage gumbo

Hope you all had a great Sunday!


  1. Your gumbo looks yummy! WOW, Val is indeed fast!

  2. Santa looks handsome... and delicious gumbo.
    have a great day