Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Sassy Cat

Dear old SassyCat is hanging in there.  She turned 17 in September, which seems incredibly old for a cat.  She has a few ailments.  I'm sure she has some bad teeth and she has upper respiratory infections that come and go....  She's lost weight.  She has a bad leg that has slowed her down.  She hasn't been to the vet in ages because I'm afraid of what the stress of bringing there will do.  Besides, they will just tell me she's old.  Very old.  No point in torturing an old cat if you ask me. 

Since Bella was diagnosed with diabetes, we had to take away the all day buffet.  I had to start feeding Sassy and Gizmo on a high table that Bella can't jump up on (she's too fat.)  Gizmo can get to it just fine.  Sassy is much too old to jump up on much of anything.

Most cats like to graze throughout the day and do not eat a big meal at once.  Sassy has the routine down pat.  A mere five to ten times a day, she comes looking for me.  "Meow meow"  translates into 'I'm hungry.  Mamma, put me up on the food table."  So I pick up the old cat, set her on the food table.  And wait while she chows down.  When she's done, she lets me know.  I put her back on the floor.  Then she shuffles to the back door and wants to go outside for a while.  She likes to lay in the sun.  Back in she comes and heads to one of her sleeping spots - either the back of the couch or her pillow on the floor next to my bed.

Repeat.  Repeat.  Repeat.  All day long.

That's the life of a (spoiled) 17 year old cat!


  1. 17 is not old...well okay maybe it is..my kitty Godzilla, lived to be 20 years and a few months old. I loved her so..I took her to the vet every six months because there are a few things here and there that can make them more comfortable when they are older. My kitty took prednisone for example for her arthritis and it sure did help, also they caught bladder infections that way too..so don't be afraid to take her, it could help make her remaining years more comfortable, you never know...cute cats for sure!!

  2. Awwww! My birdie turned 17 in September, too!

  3. lovely old cat...17 years old.
    have a great day

  4. Bless her heart!

  5. Sweet old kitty! 17 years! WOW!