Saturday, December 15, 2018

Sending Christmas Cards

Sending cards through the mail is becoming a thing of the past.  I used to send out a bunch of Christmas cards.  I'd set up my camera on the tripod and we'd snap family pictures.  I'd pick the least horrible one and get cards made.  Over time I sent fewer and fewer.  This year we didn't even take a card picture, so I didn't even get any made.

However, I did send a ton of cards out.  I joined several card exchanges on Facebook.  I probably have gotten close to 100 cards!!  Generally I try to return a card to everyone who sends us one.  That isn't always the case.  Since November, there have been posts in the groups from people whining about how they sent X number of cards and had only gotten X number in return.  Yes, it started in November, even before Thanksgiving.  Some just could not comprehend that it wasn't even December yet and Christmas was still weeks away.  They seemed to think that they had mailed their cards early, so everyone was to rush a card back to them the next day.

So. Much. Drama.  Over.  Cards.

Then there are the scammers.  They get in with a brand new fake profile and have a sob story.  Next thing you know they are asking for money.  I pointed out a fake profile or two and got called all sorts of names.  Fake name.  Fake profile pic of a deceased soldier.  No friends.  Joined FB a week ago.  Widowed.  Sob story of how the 5 kids will get nothing for Christmas.  Don't say I didn't warn you....

In spite of all the drama, it is rather fun finding piles of cards in the mailbox every day from across the globe.  All of my doorways are lined with pretty cards.

Do you still send out Christmas cards?


  1. I love receiving and sending out Christmas cards but I've stopped for some time now because it is very inconvenient for me to go to the post office. The queues are very long because many seniors pay their electric and water bills there.

  2. My goal for today is sending out our Christmas cards. The list has shrunken; I don't even know if all the people on our list are still living. But I love to buy Christmas cards. My stash is probably enough to last the rest of my life!