Wednesday, December 26, 2018

So long, Christmas

Another Christmas has come and gone....

I don't know why, but it never really did feel like Christmas to us.  Even the kids said the same.  They got presents, but it didn't feel right.  We did all the decorating and listening to Christmas music, but not much else.  I didn't do all of my usual holiday baking.  I only watched a few Christmas movies and I don't think the kids watched any!!  We didn't even ride around looking at lights.  We also didn't take family pics to send out cards....  I guess I never completely found my Christmas spirit.   

Anyway, our Christmas was uneventful. 

Christmas Eve I cooked and cleaned all morning.  We had our usual party fare for dinner:  little sandwiches, meatballs/sausage, deviled eggs, chips/dip, and various desserts.  We snapped a few pics in front of the tree then it was present time.  I have to say the kids were hilarious.  They can be so silly and funny and it was rather entertaining watching them open gifts.  Veronica seems to still 'believe' and even told our elf "bye, Chippy!  Hope you have a great year... see you you next Christmas."   After both kids were in their rooms (not asleep,) Santa passed around 10:30 and went to sleep also.  About 12:30am Veronica got up because the Santa tracker showed that he had been to Louisiana.  She got Val up and they had a quick look at their stuff and back to bed they went. 

Christmas morning Veronica was up earlier than I expected.  She got Val up and they went through the stuff from Santa.   Santa stuff was sparse this year as Santa wasn't expecting to pass!  Clint and I stayed busy in the kitchen cooking Christmas dinner.  One of our neighbors joined us for dinner, and that was about the extent of our day.  We watched TV and I took a short nap. 

I'm sure this was the last year for Santa.  I'm sad because it sure has been fun, but I'm okay with it.  Christmas is a lot of work and this mamma is tired.  Val knows I'm Santa but plays along.  Veronica -- as smart as that kid is you'd think she have it all figured out by now.  She's almost 12, so I don't see her believing for much longer. 

Today, I did some clearance shopping online.   For some reason, I didn't have the desire to get up early to hit the stores.  I ordered many, many bath gift sets from Target then many bottles of shower gel from Bath and Body Works.  Hey, with three girls in this house we go through a lot of that stuff!!   I started packing up our inside Christmas things and sorting through the totes of stuff in the garage.  I have way too much Christmas stuff and I need to pare it down some. 


  1. I didn't *admit* knowing about Santa till around age 12, though I suspected earlier. I just didn't want to ruin Christmas by admitting it, because it DOES ruin Christmas once you do. Unfortunately by around age 12, you either have to admit it or people think you're a freak for still believing.

  2. Christmas was uneventful for us too. Josh was in Japan and this was the first time we didn't spend Christmas as a family.