Tuesday, December 11, 2018

The kids are weird, too

I'm the first to admit my kids are big ole' nerds.  They are both A students, quiet, and never in trouble (at school that is!)   They like puns and corny jokes.  Quite often they'll throw out movie quotes -- "The Holy Grail" and "Spaceballs."  They've never seen "Star Wars" but they have "Spaceballs" memorized.  A song comes on the radio and they sing the parody... yeah, that's my kids.

A while back a musical artist announced tour dates and New Orleans is on the route this summer.  Both kids, "Can we go, can we go!  Can we please go?  I want to go!" 

No, it's not Katie Perry or some other teeny bop pop music.

It is....

Of course this Mamma is a fan also, after all the kids got it from somewhere, right?!?  Part of our Christmas gift is four tickets to see Weird Al this summer.

I guess I should mention that this will be Valerie and Veronica's very first concert experience.

Their. First. Concert. Ever. will be Weird Al.

I'd say we are winning at this parenting thing.


  1. You are totally winning at parenting! My son and I saw Weird Al in concert many many years ago - around the time of "Like a Surgeon" - and it was great! Enjoy yourselves!

  2. Sounds like my boys! Wish our families could meet up someday!