Friday, December 28, 2018

The shed

I was a little girl when my Daddy bought the shed.  I couldn't have been but six or seven years old.  Eight at most.  I remember knowing it was coming.  It seems like it was spring time - Easter was close.  I guess it was delivered while I was at school.  It sat on the side driveway for a few days, and to me, it was a giant play house!  I hung out in it and even brought some dolls inside.  It was rather hot inside of a metal building but I didn't care.  I liked the way it smelled of wood and metal.  I wanted it to stay right where it was and it was mine. 

The next thing I knew, it was somehow in the backyard and my Dad had put his tools and stuff in it.  What?  It wasn't mine after all?!  To get it in the backyard, he had to take down the chain link fence on the side of the house.  (It was many, many years before he put it back up.)  I seem to recall him telling me he used some big pipes under it and rolled it little by little to the back corner.   I guess someone must have helped him.  No clue. 

1982 when it was fairly new

It sat in the back corner almost my entire life.  We kept the chicken feed and duck feed just inside the door.  Various kiddie swimming pools.  Rusty cans of nails.  Screws of every size.  Rusty tools.  Random chemicals. White 5 gallon buckets of misc. parts.  Cans of paint. Old lawnmower parts.  Broken stuff.  My Atari ended up in there when we stopped playing it.  The wooden toy box my Dad made for me sat in there for years, until he repainted it for Valerie.  Shelves full of stuff.  Junk and more old junk, because my Dad wouldn't part with anything that might be useful someday. 

Well, yesterday we had quite some bad weather roll through.  The tenants contacted Clint about some damage.  The roof had blown completely off the shed.  The wood is rotting.  Like so many other things at that house, time has taken it's toll and after 40 years, I do believe it's done for.  At least the tenants have kept the tradition alive and it's still full of junk. 

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and for the get well wishes.

    My dad's friend had a shed like this one. It was all wood and smelled of paints of paint thinners. It contained paints, paint thinners, dirty old brushes, a lawn mower, fuel can, oil, rakes, shovels, pool floats, bottles of rusty nails, bolts, nuts, washers, old electrical parts, and more. My dad bought the property and I replaced the roof twice over the years and painted it about every other year.

    Couple years ago, I emptied all the junk out of it and got rid of the rusty and painty stuff. The smell lingers on though. :)