Saturday, December 08, 2018

This is the Greatest Show!

Do you decorate your house for the holidays?

When I was a little kid well into my teens, my Dad would take me riding around town to look at Christmas lights.  There were a few regular favorites with big displays on our route, but even the littlest bit of lights made me happy.  More than anything,  I wanted to light up our house.  I wanted to be one of those houses that people came to see!  My parents never did decorate outside though.  I'm not sure why.

Well, I guess you can say we more than made up for it!!  Say hello to Bayou Blue Dancing Lights.

This is our fourth year since diving into Light-o-Rama.  Our show has been up and running since Thanksgiving night.  It wasn't quite finished then, but it was finished enough to turn it on.  Crazy enough, last week we got a message on Facebook from a New Orleans news station.  They wanted to run a video of our clip during the 5:00 news.  We weren't quite finished setting up and it isn't even the best video!  Here's our whole 48 seconds of fame:

Traffic has been steady.  There's almost always at least one car parked out front watching the show.  It will get pretty busy as Christmas approaches.

Here's a few clips: