Friday, December 07, 2018

We did a thing.....

A crazy thing.

I guess. 

Say hello to house #4.   AKA Rental property #3. 

We signed the papers this morning.  I won't lie and say I wasn't crazy about the idea and how it all came about.  Basically Clint threw a really low ball offer out there.  I mean reeeaaally low.  He never thought the owners would go for it.  I didn't either.  But they did.  Yeah, it just sort of happened.  It is what it is though. 

We did get it for a steal as the market is so bad for sellers and the owners were desperate to get out from under it.  Thankfully, this one doesn't need ANY work. (unlike the 3rd house we bought back in spring 2017)  This house is actually only 5 years old, so it's practically brand new.  The inside is really nice and it was well taken care of.  It's in a good area right around the corner from a university and hospital. 

I should really write a post about the crazy things tenants say and do.  Maybe another time....

Now we get to go through the "fun" of finding decent tenants.  Anybody looking to rent a house in Thibodaux, Louisiana? 

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