Sunday, December 02, 2018

Winter Formal

Both of my daughters went to their school's Winter Formal Friday night.  It's not too often that they get all dressed up.  Valerie even polished her nails and wanted to wear some make-up.  Her hair is a whole 'nother story though.  I don't know what or HOW to do anything with all of her hair.  We did a trial run with curls and no matter what products I used, the curls did not hold.  I told her I needed to get some Aqua Net next time!!!   We just ended up flat ironing it so it was smooth and shiny.  Veronica didn't care one way or another and didn't even bother shaving her legs.  She doesn't get the point of putting all that stuff on your face or doing any of that stuff.   So not a girly girl.... 

They both had a great time at the dance with their friends.

Here they are all dressed up for the dance.

Val's hair, which she never, ever wears down so it's pic worthy when she does!!


  1. Lovely girls! I'm glad they had a good time.

  2. They look lovely!
    Hope they had a fun time!