Tuesday, January 01, 2019


I am not religious much at all, but this might fit for 2019.

I've been thinking about what my goals should be for 2019.  I'm always trying to make little improvements - keep the house up better, cook different meals, shop smarter, etc.  Little things add up to a lot and keep things happier around the household.  Or so I'd like to think.

Change is hard.  It takes effort and time.   Every year lots of people set out to make changes in their lives.  New year, fresh start.  Some succeed but more often than not, we eventually return to old habits. 

Some things though, just won't change.  No matter how hard YOU try, the change is dependent on factors out of your control.  The promises to do better last about a day or two, then old patterns start again.  At what point do you accept that the change you are working towards isn't coming?   I feel so alone in my own house at times because so often I'm the only one who notices or cares to do anything.  I come up with ideas, places to go, things to do...   and here we sit -alone- because no one else wants to join in the effort to make it happen.  It's me, all me, or nothing.   I'm here, wanting to go on adventures and have happy fun, and it feels like dragging everyone else through mud trying to convince them to come along.  It's waiting for the right time to do something while time just passes us by and one day it will be too late.  I am tired and sad, and tired of feeling that way.

I think maybe in 2019...  maybe I will focus more on me.  Do a little more things for me. The kids are older and can fend for themselves a bit better.  I will work on accepting how some things are and focus less on what I can or can't do about it.  "Accept the things you cannot change." 

Today also marks the end of Holidailies.  I hope you all enjoyed my daily ramblings.  I missed a few days but I caught up and managed 32 entries in the past month. 

Until next time....  whenever that may be....    Happy 2019 everybody. 


  1. Self-care is really important, and it's a fine goal to be good to yourself. So good luck and I hope you have a lovely 2019!

  2. I think you're on the right track. Goals should be something that you can achieve -- you can't really control other people's actions. I hope you have a fulfilling and joyful year!

  3. I am going to join you in the year of ME! Let's do this! Happy New Year!

  4. I hope you could achieve your goals in 2019.
    happy new year

  5. I am too, going to join you in the year of ME! For a start, I plan to travel more.