Saturday, April 06, 2019

Day 3 - Magic Kingdom

Tuesday, March 5 - Happy Mardi Gras... but more importantly -

Happy 12th Birthday Veronica!!

We had to get up SUPER early because for Veronica's birthday, we had decided to give Early Morning Magic a try.  (EMM is a separate ticketed event that includes breakfast and select Fantsayland rides before the park opens with short or no waits.) Unfortunately, it ended up being somewhat of a bust....   The event started at 7:45, so we made sure we arrived at Transportation and Ticket Center in PLENTY of time to get to Magic Kingdom.  We went through the security checkpoint in front of the monorail, only to be told that we could not get on a monorail or the ferry.  Transportation did not begin until 8am, which made no sense with an event that started at 7:45.  They sent us to the bus area, which was waaaaay back in the direction we had just came from.  Asked someone else, who said the buses were starting a little earlier today, and were directed to wait with a crowd of people.  Time is ticking.....  getting annoyed....I paid a lot of money for this and now we can't even get to Magic Kingdom?! The sky is growing dark.  Finally a bus comes and we just barely made it on before it was full.  Got to Magic Kingdom, had to go through bag check AGAIN.  Then we had to grab our wristbands for entrance to the event.  Did all that and had about 5 minutes to spare. 

So, 7:45 comes and we still aren't being let in.  Someone made an announcement about Tinkerbell was still getting the park ready.  It was just about a 3-4 minute delay, but when I'm paying a small fortune for an event that is only 1 hour and 15 minutes long, I want to get in on time. 

They let in the masses, and we let the kids take off by themselves.  The sky is grey.  It is cold.  50 degrees with a brisk north wind.  Clint and I rode Winnie the Pooh.  We get out to find that it is raining.  And it rained harder, and harder.  It was cold.  And wet.  We ponchoed up and located the kids.  They had been on Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and nothing else.  Made them poncho up.  We rode Peter Pan.  Walked around, enjoying the emptiness of Fantasyland.  It's still raining.  It's still cold.   Just miserable.  Kids rode Pan.  Pooh was down.  And with that, we were done and went to get our breakfast at Cosmic Ray's. 

Breakfast was decent.  It's pre-plated and there were various pastries, meats, and fruit on the buffet.  Kids were not hungry and ate nearly nothing.  Val wanted to ride Space Mountain at rope drop, so she ponchoed up and went to wait.  It went down while she was in line, so she was transferred to the other side.  At least she got to ride though. 

It was still cold, and still raining.  We did a few indoor rides trying to stay out of the weather.  It was time for the 10am parade, so we walked towards the castle to see if it was still happening.  We got to see The Rainy Day Parade instead!!  Kids were stoked about that.

It rained until lunchtime.  It was supposed to be in the 60s, but it never did warm up!  It stayed around 50 and breezy, damp, and cold.  We all wished we had worn warmer clothes that day.  It was early afternoon when we decided to call it a day.  On the way out, we saw Snow White and had to stop.  The Dapper Dans were also out, so we watched them for a bit. 

It was a rocky start but the day turned out pretty good over all. 

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  1. Glad your day turned out great despite the rocky start!