Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Happy Easter!

Easter was rather quiet.

 I fully admit to being very sad that both kids had little to no interest in the Easter Bunny this year.  Very early Saturday evening while the girls were occupied, I hid eggs in the yard for Easter morning to be done with it.  The Bunny made what seems to be his final pass early also.  I set the baskets of goodies out about 10pm while everyone was still awake and went to bed.  For the first time ever, no one got up during the night to see if the Bunny had passed.  No one woke me up whispering "Mamma, the Easter bunny came!"  I was really missing the anticipation from when they were small...  Wishing we could go back in time,  just for a little while to see their excited, smiling little faces again...

Veronica was up first Easter morning, glanced at the baskets of candy, and went back to bed.  She waited a while then woke Valerie up.  They dug through their baskets. Only when they realized there were confetti eggs to smash on each other did they decide to go on an egg hunt. 

I think they had fun. 

We just sat around most of the day not doing much of anything!!

Today, it's back to school....   there's exactly one month until summer break....   May is going to be super busy!!


  1. Time does pass quickly, doesn't it?
    We had a quiet day here too.
    Leftovers and a long nap for me!
    Have a nice evening!

  2. Happy Belated Easter, Mel.

    We met up with my sister from Singapore at our parents' place for Easter this year. It was a great reunion.

  3. Anonymous6:55 AM

    I completely feel your pain! Holidays just aren't the same with teens! In fact, Carson didn't even look for his basket and seemed very unappreciative too! UGH!

    Jodee (Follow the Leaders)