Thursday, May 23, 2019

And the winners are....

Today is the last day of school!!!  Gosh, it seemed like summer would never get here but in hindsight it feels like it flew by.  Weird how that is. 

Anyway, we survived a whirlwind of choir rehearsals, dance rehearsals, dance recital, band concert, choir concert, and awards day.... 

In 8th grade the students vote for the "most likely" awards:

Yes, that says valedictorian.  Wow!  Val also got a band award, student of the year nominee, honor roll (she made a few Bs this year,) and top scholar. 

Then this happened in choir.  Again, the class voted for their favorites.  Look who got voted Star Performer. 

Veronica also got awards Principal's List award (straight As all year!), Top Scholar, All-State Honor Choir,  Sweepstakes for Choir Festival, and she got a SUPERIOR rating on her solo for Solo and Ensemble.

Now it's on to the summer of band... band... high school marching band... and more band.  Valerie got nominated for Louisiana Bandmaster Association Honor Band, which is a little over a week away in North Louisiana.  Last night was Valerie's first rehearsal for next school year.  They practice all summer.  Next week, several times in June, then in July it's all band all month. And 3-5 days a week, every week until November.

Veronica will get to sleep the summer away, mostly.  She is going to 4-H camp for a week in July but other than that, who knows. 

Happy summer....  I just know it will fly by. 


  1. Congratulations to your girls!
    What accomplishments!

    Happy Summer!

  2. Congrats to your amazing girls! I am proud of them too!