Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Cutting the cord

A few months ago we did a thing....

We ditched cable TV and went back to an old school antenna.

Honestly it wasn't even the cost of the service.  It was all the added fees and rental charges.  It was just getting ridiculous and we barely watched most of the channels. Hundreds of channels that we just surfed through and there was nothing on.  We have Firesticks, Hulu, Prime, and Netflix and never watched live TV.  Ever.  We already have TiVos with lifetime service that record everything for us. Plus, most shows are available online at some point.  Clint did some research and picked out a $30 antenna to mount in the attic.  We hooked the kids TVs up with Firesticks and took the plunge.

We weren't sure just what channels we would catch, but we figured it was worth a try.  Surprisingly, with the antenna, we catch about 36 channels.  We get the local New Orleans stations, CBS, ABC, NBC, and even the CW.

On all 4 TVs. For. Free.

A lot of the shows we watch are on these channels, and the TiVo works with the antenna so we can still record them.

Clint bought our own cable modem for good measure.  He packed up all of Comcast's junk and turned it all back in.  They didn't question a thing.  Our bill dropped from almost $200 a month to $55 for just Internet.

It's been a few months now.  Do we miss cable??  Not really.  Maybe sometimes, like late at night when I'm flipping through channels.  Before there was nothing on, now there's really nothing on.  The kids grumbled a bit about not having Disney or Cartoon Network.  (Mostly Veronica.) Not that they watched much of it, but their TVs are on for background noise 24/7.  But hey...  Disney's streaming service is right around the corner, so that will fix that! 

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  1. Can you believe we have not turned on the TV for a couple of years! We watch all our movies online on our laptops!!