Sunday, June 30, 2019

Old me vs New me

This is the old me:

Now here is the "new" (and old) me:

I'd often find my eyes felt funny, which left my head feeling funny.  I suspected it was my eyesight/eyestrain for a while now.  Far away isn't really bad, but I can't see small street signs when I'm driving as well as I used to.  I can't see a darn thing up close anymore.  I had some Dollar Tree cheaters to use when I had to read labels and such, but they hurt my eyes.

Sigh.  I admit I am not thrilled with the idea of wearing glasses.  For one, they bother me.  Even wearing sunglasses over the years, I'd arbitrarily take them off and put them back on repeatedly because I don't like the feel of them on my face or that I can see the frame.  (Same with these.)

So anyway, I had my eyes checked and I have progressive lenses with invisible bifocals.

Everything looks....  weird.  I expected to put them on and say WOW I CAN SEE BETTER!

But no.  Apparently you have to get used to progressives, which makes things worse before better.  I am going to adjust to everything being blurry??  Seems counterintuitive but whatever. 

I can see better far away to a degree depending on where I look through the lenses and can read tiny print at the right angle.  Everything mid-range is iffy and my peripheral vision is nothing but blur.   Like if I glance left or right - blur.  These are things I see perfectly fine without glasses, so I must put on glasses that make the things I see clearly look worse so that the things I can't see on occasion are clearer.  Huh?

There's a dead zone in the lenses like so:

I feel like I'm in a fishbowl.  I can see but then I can't see.  I went to a store today with narrow aisles and felt like I was walking through a fun house tunnel.  There's a whoosh of blur if I move too fast.  Sitting at the table, I can see my plate through the bifocals but my drink is blurry, my family is blurry, the table is blurry, the floor is blurry....  Seems easier to just take them off so I can SEE the world around me.  I expected the bifocals to be there but I didn't expect left and right to be a blur.  Or for straight lines to bend.  You're supposed to point your nose toward what you want to see.  But my distance vision isn't terrible as I mentioned, I can generally see everything around me just fine WITHOUT the hassle of nose pointing glasses.  The motion sickness and dizziness that comes along suck (although it may be lessening.)

Supposedly you get used to all these things and your brain blocks out the blurry dead zones and you can see far, mid-range, and near all with one pair of amazing glasses.  I like that idea, so I'm trying to stick it out and hopefully adjust, but after a few hours I am done.  I have things to do and get fed up with them looking distorted.  My eyes feel so tired and I'm dizzy- nauseous and I have to take them off.... and it's a relief to see normally again when I do.

They said to give it three weeks and if I still hadn't adjusted, to go back for a re-check.  I don't think i can wait that long.


  1. I used to feel like this when I first tried my glasses. I stopped using them and somehow my eyesight improved over the years! I think it's the supplements I have been taking!

    Hope you adjust soon, Mel!

  2. Cute glasses! I have progressive lenses and I don't love them!