Friday, July 26, 2019

Incoming Freshmen....

Cat nap with the cat while waiting for her ride

Valerie survived her first round of Band Camp!  It was tough, but she did it.  She was so exhausted. Before band camp, there was a few days of SHOCK CAMP which was basically 3 hours of exercise to prep them.  My kid is lazy and this is the most physical exercise she has ever done.  It was really rough on her and she was so sore she could barely walk.

I was a little worried about her being out in the heat every day. It's just unbearable in the sun.  We used tons of sunscreen as she is just so pale and burns easily.  The kids were very lucky in that a rare cool front came through during the second week.  It was almost nice outside!! Camp ran from 8-5 the first week, then 8-8 most of the second week.  Early mornings, long days, lots of work...  she is learning how to march.  Learning the show music and drill.  Tired legs and aching feet...  there were a few really hard days...  but all in all, she said she loved it.  I enjoyed picking up the carpool group and hearing the girlish chatter about their day on our route home.

on the field!

One of the section leaders had trouble remembering Valerie's name, so he just started calling her Perfect Pitch Girl.  A few of them crowded around her on the field one afternoon and gave her random notes to identify, which of course she nailed it.  Their reaction was "Holly sh!t."   I told her to OWN it because the band is full of show offs and that is one thing she can do that they can't!!  Her, a lowly freshman! That's my girl.

This just made it seem more real...   band uniform fittings!!

I can't believe she's going to be a freshman and will be turning 15 at the end of this year.  After band camp today, Val's went to her first band party.  Her first high school party.

Time needs to slow down....   she sure grew up fast. 

Monday, July 22, 2019

You want how much?

So we popped into a furniture store chain on a whim over the weekend.  Veronica got a new daybed with a trundle and we went in thinking about browsing mattresses for her.  We also have the idea in our head that we should upgrade our 15 year old bedroom set.  I know what I want, now we just have to find it at the right price. 

So anyway, we were shown around the store and we found a nice bedroom set that has the pieces we want.  I want a king storage bed with the drawers under it and it has to have a matching dresser, chest, nightstands, and media cabinet.  The store had one that was quite nice. 

Then, we asked to see mattresses.  A 'mattress/sleep expert' came over and began her pitch.  They had us lay on 2-3 mattresses.  One of which they decided to give us a price on. 

"SHE's worth it," the sales lady said. 
"You're worth it."
"You deserve it."
"I think you should get it." 
Lots of smiling and nodding. 

Keep in mind we had just gone in casually looking.  They first salesperson didn't even give us a price on the bedroom furniture.  But the mattress lady... the mattress lady was trying to sell us a mattress... for furniture we don't have yet.


$9.000 mattress.


$9,000 mattress. 

"With 60 months interest free financing, that's only $150 a month. You can do that."    (she forgot about sales tax I guess.)

And at the end she adds that wasn't even their most expensive one.   She could show us those, but she didn't.  (how much do those cost??)

Actually she didn't show us anything else at all.  There was a whole showroom of mattresses and the ONLY one she showed us was the $9000 mattress. 

Needless to say, we did not buy a $9,000 mattress.  Nor do I think we will. 

Friday, July 19, 2019

Her smile

My Mom would have been 85 today.  I wonder what she would have been like as an 'old woman.'  My grandma (her mom) lived to be 93 and boy, she was something.  The meanest old lady you would ever meet - but that's another story for another day.  My Mom was heading down that road so I can only imagine.  She'd snap at you for the littlest thing and boy could she hold a grudge.

It's funny because after Mom died, I had lots of people tell me they remembered her smile.  She had such a nice smile they'd say.  She was quiet and always smiling.  I even found someone on Facebook that I hadn't seen in years.  When I told her my Mom had passed, she said the first thing she saw in her mind was her smile.  And she did have nice straight, pretty teeth.  What they didn't know was she was very hard of hearing.  She'd often just stand there silent and smiling because she didn't know what the conversation was about!  And she'd often look to me to "translate" when a question was directed her way.

Why didn't my kids get her teeth!? 

What's funny is that I don't remember her smiling much at home.  I remember her being mad!!   Sometimes she wasn't really mad, but it was just the tone she was spoken to by her mom so it was what she knew.  She was often mad about something or at somebody.  She yelled a lot and slammed cabinet doors.  If anyone crossed her, she'd get even.  You might not know it was her, but she'd find a way to even the score.  I can only imagine the mean old lady she would have become.  It seems the older we get, the less nonsense we have the patience for.  I guess I will be a mean old lady someday too.

Also, in just a few days it will be 11 years since she passed.  It doesn't seem like it could be that long already.  Sometimes it's still hard to believe everything that happened happened and she is forever gone. 

Happy heavenly birthday, Mom.... miss you. 

Monday, July 15, 2019

It's definitely a Monday....

Well Barry has moved on and luckily we did not get much bad weather at all.  Mostly wind.  Very little rain.  Our electricity went out about 4am Saturday morning and was out for 13 hours.  We have a generator to run the necessities.  Since we ditched cable, we were even able to watch TV with our trusty antenna!   It was cool and breezy outside so having no a/c was not as miserable as it has been with past storms.  I had chicken and hot dogs to cook on the grill, but we got word that Texas Roadhouse had power and was opening at 1pm so THAT ended up being our hurricane dinner instead!! 


In other news, this happened today: 

Veronica got spacers put in a week ago and today was the big day -- top braces!  My poor girl has some seriously jacked up teeth.  In addition to the obvious spacing issues, her bite and jaw are way way off. My teeth were not that bad and Clint's are fairly straight, so who knows why hers are.  She is going to need all sorts of orthodontic treatment.  Frenectomy.  Palate expander and a Forsus appliance which is this spring thingy that will pull her bottom jaw forward. 

All of that I knew about from the consultation...  but my whole day felt derailed after they told me she also has an impacted canine tooth.  She has a retained baby tooth and the permanent tooth is impacted above it.  The thing is....  I asked at the dentist in April about her baby teeth.  They have been pushing for an ortho consult for years, and I told them we were waiting until she lost all of her baby teeth.  In April, the hygienist told me she had lost them all.  Not only does she still have a baby tooth, but the permanent tooth is also impacted!?!  Our two choices are to go see an oral surgeon so they can cut it out to put a bracket on it and force it into place.  Or just pull the baby tooth and hope that the new tooth descends as it should.  Going with the lessor aggressive option #2 (already scheduled for tomorrow) and hoping it resolves on it's own.  I hate "teeth stuff" and dread going to the dentist.  Veronica seems fine with it all though and said she doesn't care if she has a tooth pulled.  We shall see about that. 

Whew.  And it's only day one in braces.  Just 899 more to go.......

Friday, July 12, 2019

Waiting for Barry

Well, Barry is coming to visit.  Will it be Tropical Storm Barry or Hurricane Barry?   Eh, I'm not all that concerned.  It's basically a rainmaker.  Will we really get 20" of rain??  The invention of Facebook seems to have added to the hype when it's storm season.  Everybody is a meteorologist and everybody has a 'bad feeling' about this storm. Everybody throws their two cents in on where it's going to turn.  Back in the day, the news would say a storm was coming and we'd have to wait to watch the forecast at a designated time.  Now, it's accessible 24/7 and hearing the SAME info repeated over and over sends people into a tizzy. It's overkill.  Life used to go on as usual until the storm was almost here.  The parish actually closed/cancelled a bunch of stuff yesterday -- THURSDAY -- it was sunshine all day -- and the really bad weather isn't going to be here until Saturday. 

I guess my kids aren't buying into the hype because Veronica's main concern was, "What will I do with no WiFi?" 

Anyway, this is where I'll be this weekend taking in the nice cool breeze!!  (or perhaps the backyard because the wind blows the rain onto my rocking chairs!!) 

Friday, July 05, 2019

Happy 4th!

Our 4th of July was rather low key.  Veronica spent the week at 4-H camp in Pollock, LA, so it was just three of us instead of four.  Clint grilled lunch for us and I made my mom's bread pudding for an easy dessert.  We sat around most of the afternoon being very lazy!  Clint and Val went firework shopping and made it back just in time for the 4th of July parade:

Basically some of the fun people in the back decorate golf carts and trailers then ride around the block throwing candy!

Then we all went for round 2 of firework shopping and got snowballs on the way home.

Val and I sat outside on the porch a while and then drew with chalk in the driveway while waiting for nightfall.

Then we spent a couple of hours popping fireworks!  Fun, fun....

I'm catching up on a little housework and I may take Valerie to the mall for some "BACK TO SCHOOL" shopping (yes already.)

Baby girl is coming home today, also!!!  Oh, how I have missed her all week.  Camp does not allow phones or electronics so we have had no communication AT ALL.  I have just seen a few pictures of her on our 4-H Facebook page....  I hope she had a great time.  I can't wait to hear all about her camp  adventures!!