Friday, July 26, 2019

Incoming Freshmen....

Cat nap with the cat while waiting for her ride

Valerie survived her first round of Band Camp!  It was tough, but she did it.  She was so exhausted. Before band camp, there was a few days of SHOCK CAMP which was basically 3 hours of exercise to prep them.  My kid is lazy and this is the most physical exercise she has ever done.  It was really rough on her and she was so sore she could barely walk.

I was a little worried about her being out in the heat every day. It's just unbearable in the sun.  We used tons of sunscreen as she is just so pale and burns easily.  The kids were very lucky in that a rare cool front came through during the second week.  It was almost nice outside!! Camp ran from 8-5 the first week, then 8-8 most of the second week.  Early mornings, long days, lots of work...  she is learning how to march.  Learning the show music and drill.  Tired legs and aching feet...  there were a few really hard days...  but all in all, she said she loved it.  I enjoyed picking up the carpool group and hearing the girlish chatter about their day on our route home.

on the field!

One of the section leaders had trouble remembering Valerie's name, so he just started calling her Perfect Pitch Girl.  A few of them crowded around her on the field one afternoon and gave her random notes to identify, which of course she nailed it.  Their reaction was "Holly sh!t."   I told her to OWN it because the band is full of show offs and that is one thing she can do that they can't!!  Her, a lowly freshman! That's my girl.

This just made it seem more real...   band uniform fittings!!

I can't believe she's going to be a freshman and will be turning 15 at the end of this year.  After band camp today, Val's went to her first band party.  Her first high school party.

Time needs to slow down....   she sure grew up fast. 


  1. Awwww...she's so cute. She's gonna kill it in band and HS!!
    Our youngest was a dancer in HS and a big part of the band. It's hard work and hotter than heck.
    I know you're a proud mama!!

  2. All the best to her. She looks so nice in her band uniform.

  3. Time flies, doesn't it?

    All the best to this amazing young lady.