Monday, July 15, 2019

It's definitely a Monday....

Well Barry has moved on and luckily we did not get much bad weather at all.  Mostly wind.  Very little rain.  Our electricity went out about 4am Saturday morning and was out for 13 hours.  We have a generator to run the necessities.  Since we ditched cable, we were even able to watch TV with our trusty antenna!   It was cool and breezy outside so having no a/c was not as miserable as it has been with past storms.  I had chicken and hot dogs to cook on the grill, but we got word that Texas Roadhouse had power and was opening at 1pm so THAT ended up being our hurricane dinner instead!! 


In other news, this happened today: 

Veronica got spacers put in a week ago and today was the big day -- top braces!  My poor girl has some seriously jacked up teeth.  In addition to the obvious spacing issues, her bite and jaw are way way off. My teeth were not that bad and Clint's are fairly straight, so who knows why hers are.  She is going to need all sorts of orthodontic treatment.  Frenectomy.  Palate expander and a Forsus appliance which is this spring thingy that will pull her bottom jaw forward. 

All of that I knew about from the consultation...  but my whole day felt derailed after they told me she also has an impacted canine tooth.  She has a retained baby tooth and the permanent tooth is impacted above it.  The thing is....  I asked at the dentist in April about her baby teeth.  They have been pushing for an ortho consult for years, and I told them we were waiting until she lost all of her baby teeth.  In April, the hygienist told me she had lost them all.  Not only does she still have a baby tooth, but the permanent tooth is also impacted!?!  Our two choices are to go see an oral surgeon so they can cut it out to put a bracket on it and force it into place.  Or just pull the baby tooth and hope that the new tooth descends as it should.  Going with the lessor aggressive option #2 (already scheduled for tomorrow) and hoping it resolves on it's own.  I hate "teeth stuff" and dread going to the dentist.  Veronica seems fine with it all though and said she doesn't care if she has a tooth pulled.  We shall see about that. 

Whew.  And it's only day one in braces.  Just 899 more to go.......


  1. I'm so glad that Barry wasn't worse than he could have been. What, with a name like Barry, how aggressive could he be? :)

    Your sweet girl has a road ahead of her, doesn't she? I had some really jacked up teeth myself and wasn't able to get braces until I was 15. Both my girls had issues too and each had the palette expander and one of them wore braces for a few years, had them removed and then had to do it again. *sigh* but, they lived and I hope your Daughter doesn't have too many uncomfortable days. It will all be worth it in a few years.

  2. So glad you and your family are safe. Mel.

    I have a phobia of dentists. Your princess is so brave.

  3. Thankful that Barry was not as bad as predicted. We love TX Roadhouse! So very sorry for your daughter. I went thru years of dental work/braces etc. I hope she will do well. It will be worth it in the end.