Friday, July 12, 2019

Waiting for Barry

Well, Barry is coming to visit.  Will it be Tropical Storm Barry or Hurricane Barry?   Eh, I'm not all that concerned.  It's basically a rainmaker.  Will we really get 20" of rain??  The invention of Facebook seems to have added to the hype when it's storm season.  Everybody is a meteorologist and everybody has a 'bad feeling' about this storm. Everybody throws their two cents in on where it's going to turn.  Back in the day, the news would say a storm was coming and we'd have to wait to watch the forecast at a designated time.  Now, it's accessible 24/7 and hearing the SAME info repeated over and over sends people into a tizzy. It's overkill.  Life used to go on as usual until the storm was almost here.  The parish actually closed/cancelled a bunch of stuff yesterday -- THURSDAY -- it was sunshine all day -- and the really bad weather isn't going to be here until Saturday. 

I guess my kids aren't buying into the hype because Veronica's main concern was, "What will I do with no WiFi?" 

Anyway, this is where I'll be this weekend taking in the nice cool breeze!!  (or perhaps the backyard because the wind blows the rain onto my rocking chairs!!) 


  1. Storms are scary. I've never experienced a hurricane though.

    Stay safe, sweetie.

  2. I agree! Social media even makes the weather complicated! UGH! Stay safe!