Monday, July 22, 2019

You want how much?

So we popped into a furniture store chain on a whim over the weekend.  Veronica got a new daybed with a trundle and we went in thinking about browsing mattresses for her.  We also have the idea in our head that we should upgrade our 15 year old bedroom set.  I know what I want, now we just have to find it at the right price. 

So anyway, we were shown around the store and we found a nice bedroom set that has the pieces we want.  I want a king storage bed with the drawers under it and it has to have a matching dresser, chest, nightstands, and media cabinet.  The store had one that was quite nice. 

Then, we asked to see mattresses.  A 'mattress/sleep expert' came over and began her pitch.  They had us lay on 2-3 mattresses.  One of which they decided to give us a price on. 

"SHE's worth it," the sales lady said. 
"You're worth it."
"You deserve it."
"I think you should get it." 
Lots of smiling and nodding. 

Keep in mind we had just gone in casually looking.  They first salesperson didn't even give us a price on the bedroom furniture.  But the mattress lady... the mattress lady was trying to sell us a mattress... for furniture we don't have yet.


$9.000 mattress.


$9,000 mattress. 

"With 60 months interest free financing, that's only $150 a month. You can do that."    (she forgot about sales tax I guess.)

And at the end she adds that wasn't even their most expensive one.   She could show us those, but she didn't.  (how much do those cost??)

Actually she didn't show us anything else at all.  There was a whole showroom of mattresses and the ONLY one she showed us was the $9000 mattress. 

Needless to say, we did not buy a $9,000 mattress.  Nor do I think we will. 


  1. That's a lot for a mattress.

  2. Mattresses are a LOT of money, but that is ridiculous. Have you noticed there are mattress stores on every corner? We have too many of them for something you buy every 10 years.

  3. $9000 is 37,080.00 ringgit in Malaysia. I could do some serious renovations with that sum of money!