Wednesday, August 07, 2019

Back to....

Veronica picked up her 7th grade schedule last Thursday.

Valerie picked up her 9th grade schedule last Friday. We spent about 3 hours at the high school and by the time we were done, Val was showing others where their classes were.  She's nervous but I know she's got this.

The new uniforms are washed.  Khaki pants.  GREEN shirts for Valerie. ORANGE shirts for Veronica.

The school supplies that we had a list for were purchased weeks ago.

Along with new backpacks.

New shoes.

Wasn't it just May?  And it felt like we had weeks of summer ahead of us?  Now it's behind us.  I don't know where summer went.  It seems like we didn't have much of a summer at all, and in a way we didn't.  Val had random band practices all summer long, so we couldn't go on vacation.  We didn't put up our pool.  We didn't set foot in the library once.  We didn't go roller skating. We didn't go to the spray park. We didn't do a lot of things that we usually do, partly because they have outgrown it.  Sigh. 

Ready or not.... 

today is the last day of summer.

Tomorrow it's back to school.


  1. Summer just seems to short! Hard to believe it's time for school to begin already. I wish both your girls a great year.

  2. Summer is never long enough. Wishing them both a wonderful school year!!