Sunday, August 04, 2019

It's almost time

The last weekend of summer.... 

Saturday we planned to take the kids to the movies and grab dinner afterwards.  Our theater has reserved seating, so it's pretty easy to buy your tickets online and pick your seats.  Valerie wanted to see the new Spiderman, but Veronica wanted to see The Lion King.  Luckily they were both at 3:00 so we were going to split up two and two.  I bought our tickets online and we drove over to the AMC Palace Theater.

As we walked up, we noticed printed signs plastered all over every door making an ominous announcement: 

"Our A/C is out." 

We all gave each other the same "oh no" look and went in to see how bad it was.  It was smothering.  Now what?  I'd already spent $45 on movie tickets.  I asked the ticket lady if it was possible to get a refund because of the air conditioner being broken, and thankfully she said yes.  Whew. 

Now what, again?

We decided to waste time at....

If you've never been to a Dirt Cheap, the best way to explain it is pure chaos.  It's returns/salvage merchandise from all the big chain stores and then some.  You never know what you'll find and I really mean that....   it takes patience and some digging but we have scored a few decent deals there.  About 70% of the store is junk.  I have to be in the mood to spend a couple of hours there.  Yesterday I was not.  But here's just a glimpse inside the amazing Dirt Cheap:

After we'd had enough shopping, we grabbed dinner at Mooya Burger.  Ours just opened not long ago and we hadn't had a chance to check it out.  I love that they will lettuce wrap any burger for you!!   Their burgers are really good too.... as are the fries and shakes.  (I was good and passed on those but I did steal a bite or two from the kids'.)

Then we came back home.  I decided to get the Pilot band ready...   peeled off the old stickers and put a new one on: 

The final countdown is on....  3 more days until school starts. 


  1. That's too bad about the a/c being out. You'll have to return and let the girls see their movies another time. We have a store here called Bargain Finds that reminds me of your Dirt Cheap store. Your burger looks delicious! All the best as the countdown to school draws closer.

  2. No a/c? No bueno!
    I'm such a picky shopper, you couldn't pay me to dig through that place. :)
    The lettuce covered burger looks great!!