Friday, August 23, 2019

Regressing from the progressives

Well, I tried.  I really tried.  For weeks, I tried over and over.  I finally gave up on the progressive lenses glasses.  I wanted to like them but I just couldn't do it.  The longer I wore them, the worse I'd feel and the worse things would look!  The blurriness on the sides and the fishbowl effect never went away.  Every time I'd look around, straight lines became wavy.  Seasick!  The only way distance worked well was if I just stared off in the distance straight ahead and did not move my head or look to the side.  Driving with them was really hard because there was so much blur.  Even reading, I found the clear area was so small that I could only see a few words at a time.  There was no laying in bed reading a book with them.  I'd force myself to wear them, but just end up just frustrated and taking them off.

So, I gave up. 

I brought them back a few weeks ago and they re-checked my prescription and still tried to sell me another pair of progressives.  No thank you.  I had them re-made with single vision lenses for distance only.  Then I ordered a separate pair of (crazy expensive) reading glasses.  Glasses, even only wearing as needed, will still take some getting used to. These already don't seem to be nearly as bad as the progressive lenses were.

So this is me to see near.

And this is me to see far (mostly driving.)

And this is me the rest of the time because my mid-range doing day to day things vision is just fine!  hahaha!


  1. The progressives can be very hard to get used to. Glad you were able to buy two pair more suited for you. You look beautiful with or without glasses. You commented you had not had time to read over the summer. A few friends left good reading suggestions on my blog, if you'd like to look them over. I hope you and your family enjoy a very nice weekend.

  2. My oldest daughter just got progressives and they are driving her a little crazy. I know that they are hard to get used to but I am wondering if they actually have her prescription wrong.
    Thank you for visiting my neglected blog.. it's so good to be back and meet new friend.

  3. The hubs is complaining that his progressives are driving him crazy too!

    You are beautiful with or without glasses, Mel!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Hi! This is my first time commenting here. I love your blog! I too had a horrible time getting used to my progressives. I went back 3 times telling dr of the all the same complaints you had. They kept saying my script was fine, even gave me another eye exam. Come to find out, they reversed the lenses when the script was filled! All the while I felt like I was crazy and like I was getting a bit of attitude from them. Never again did I set foot in there and I had gone many years without issues. I hope your new glasses are much better! They look great! Have a great day!

  5. I noticed that you have two daughters too. Mine are grown women now, and I was a stay at home mom for many many years. I think it's wonderful that you chose to stay home and watch your young ones. It is something I have never regretted, only joyful times to look back on. Thank you for visiting us the other day. Me and my daughters share our blog. : )


  6. Glasses are perfect on you! Congrats...

  7. The progressives can be such a booger to get used to. I had them for a while and never really liked them. I finally went and had Laser surgery and I'm happy to be done with any glasses/contacts at all. That being said, sometimes I see old pics of me in my cute glasses and I almost miss the 'look'. YOU look great in both of yours-I hope this is a nice positive change for you!!