Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Room re-do #2

Late post! 

After Valerie got a furniture upgrade earlier this summer, Veronica wanted to do the same. She has been complaining about her mattress being uncomfortable for a while now.  It was time for her to say goodbye to the little girl pink furniture also.

I scoured Facebook once again.  Veronica's room is smaller than Val's, so I had to find furniture that fit.  I happened to run across a daybed with a trundle from one person and a chest of drawers from another that were a fairly good match!  And cheap, cheap!!  Hey, I have no qualms about buying second hand to save a buck.... 

The chest has a few nicks in it that had been filled in, but other than that, it was in perfect shape.  The owner of it was moving, so it had to go.

The daybed is beautiful iron scroll work with wood trim.  It was a steal in comparison to pricing we have seen.

We ordered two Chime mattresses in a box from Ashely online.   (How CRAZY --  if we had ordered in store, they told us 3-4 week delivery.  The same mattresses took a month to come in when we got them for Valerie.  I ordered them online at 9pm on Saturday night, and by noon Tuesday they were sitting in my driveway.  THREE days online vs a month in store?!  Pay attention retailers - this is why people shop online.) 

And here it is, all put together.

The quilt was made by my Mom when I was about 3 or 4.  It's Veronica's favorite blanket. 

We are still working on de-cluttering.  I don't think we will ever finish. Veronica has SO much stuff and she doesn't want to part with any of it.  Schoolwork that goes back years...  stacks and stacks of notes, worksheets, study guides...   She might 'need' them so she wants to keep it all. Binders full of math problems - really?!  I guess there are worse things than a kid who wants to hang on to schoolwork!


  1. It looks great. It was always hard to de-clutter until I moved many times!!! Now, I rarely hold on to anything for long!

  2. It turned out fantastic, Mel.

    Haha! It is always a challenge to declutter - Josh loves to hold on to his stuff too.

  3. That is such a cool bedroom, and Purple is my favorite color. You did a great job decorating, very creative. I have been giving things away and de-cluttering too. It's a great feeling when we do. The quilt that your mom made is such a treasure.


  4. ps....my daughter has that same dresser. ; )

  5. I love the update. It looks perfect for her age too and will stay nice for a long time. My girls were both clutterbugs. I finally just bought clear plastic bins and had them store as much paper/art/school stuff that would fit and what didn't fit, had to go.