Sunday, September 22, 2019

Another Friday night band show

Friday night we attended another football game band show.  The kids have really been working hard learning the marching show.  Since the last video I shared, they have added in the third movement, the ballad.  They spent a week working on visuals also.  They have not yet learned the closing.  Everything is custom made for the band - the entire show was written for them, the props, and the costumes are all handmade.  (The props aren't finished and their costumes are being worked on.)  It's hard to tell but they are flailing around like a flock of birds - a murder of crows - to be exact.  Next weekend we travel to Biloxi, Mississippi for their first marching competition of the season!  I can't wait to see how it all comes together.  

Excuse my poor camera skills as I was looking for my kid a few times!!

Also, this Wednesday Valerie will be auditioning for District Senior High Honor Band.  She is in 9th grade,  which can be either either junior high or senior high.  Senior is harder to get in because she'll be up against all the high school clarinets with more experience.  Val hasn't had hardly any time to practice her audition music with marching band taking up all of her afternoons/evenings.  She's struggling with some of it but it doesn't hurt to try.  If she doesn't get in, the Junior High Honor Band auditions are in December.  Marching will be over by then and she'll have lots of time to practice. 

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Wordless Wednesday...

Something fun is coming!

Monday, September 16, 2019

Choir Girl

I know I have made a lot of posts about Valerie and band lately.  It really has been all consuming for all of us!   Meanwhile, running parallel to all the band activities, Veronica has been all about choir.  If you've been here a while, you may remember how she made All-State Honor Choir last year.  It was a big deal, as she had only been in choir for two months!  To have the guts to audition and then to make All-State at only 11 years old was a huge accomplishment for her.  Back in June, during summer break, Veronica decided to check out the All-State website and found the audition info for this year.  The song was "Circa Mea" by Mark Burrows.  She then went to YouTube to find it.  She found many recordings and began practicing all on her own.  All summer long.  Once I found out she was working on it, I searched around and found the sheet music online.  Then I began playing the YouTube videos all the time: 

We had some questions about the correct Latin pronunciations, but by the time school started in August, we both knew the alto melody.  It was a few weeks in before they began preparing for the audition at school, but Roni already knew her part.   September 6th was audition day.  It's a recorded audition that the director sends in, so it's much easier than having to sing alone in front of people judging you!!  She was still so nervous, shaking nervous she said.  I know it was hard for her.  She has terrible anxiety.  But she did her best...  and we waited and waited.  Results take a while because they listen to all the recordings sent in.  She was on pins and needles all week waiting to find out if she made All-State again, stalking the website hoping the results would be posted early...

....and last night they were!


Took me a moment, but there under youth mixed was my girl's initials.  She is one of two from her school that made it. 

Needless to say, Veronica is SUPER excited!!!   I'm so proud of her.  She worked so hard for this.  Now we get to go on a second All-State Honor Choir in New Orleans adventure this November.  It also means this mamma will miss Louisiana Showcase of Marching Bands, the biggest marching festival of the year.  It is the same weekend.  Sigh.  You'd think these things would be coordinated a bit better!  Oh well.  Clint will travel West with the Band Kid and I will travel East with the Choir Girl! 

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Cats post

Can I get a Happy Birthday, Sassy Cat?  Time is catching up with our dear old girl.  This cat is now officially 18.  She was born September 2001 and has been around since before marriage, a house, and the kids...  She still gets along pretty good for her age and is quite demanding.  We are here to serve her, right??  She can't get on the bed without help, so when she asks, she gets put where she wants to go.  She wants to eat?  She gets fed.  She walks very crooked on a bad day.  She is mostly deaf. We wonder sometimes if she has kitty dementia, as she seems to forget her routine from time to time or wanders around the house as if lost.  It is quite challenging sometimes, as you can't reason with a cat.  She has developed a strange aversion to the litter box, but is fine with a puppy pad... so a puppy pad it is.  Do what you have to do to appease the old cat because she's spoiled and who knows how much time she has left, right?

Bella turned 8 this summer.  Despite being on a low carb diabetic diet for the past 14 months, she is still very chonky and overweight.  She is forever hungry and has digestive issues.  The diabetes is in remission though!!  She hasn't needed insulin since last October.  I spot check her glucose from time to time and I'm always relieved to see those low numbers.  I know one day I'll see those numbers spike again, especially if we can't get the weight down.  She is more active and happier than she was, so there's that. Even with all the needle sticks she not once ever ran from me or tried to hide.  She's still the sweetest lap cat ever.

Finally, Gizmo is the baby at 4.  So much to say about this crazy cat!!  He's a copy cat and will go where Sassy goes.  At night he attacks my feet under the covers and I have the battle scars to prove it!  He steals socks/clothes and drags them around the house yowling.  He drowns toys in the water bowl.  He gets in these 'moods' where he is all puffy and wants someone to hold him and pet him.  It's quite funny and we call him 'puffy cat.'  It's so weird!  I read that it means he's super happy and loves us.  Well, we love you too, Gizzy!

Monday, September 09, 2019

Friday Night Lights

I am not a football fan... not at all.  Not much of a sports fan either.  The thought of spending every Friday night at a high school football game does not appeal to me at all.

But of course we put all that aside and do what we must for our kids.  Friday night was Valerie's first high school football game experience and she was so excited. She also hates sports, but said she couldn't believe she was looking forward to a football game.  She learned all the stand tunes and couldn't wait to party in the stadium with her band friends.

However, it was a very LONG day.  She gets up at 5am, leaves at 6am.  School is until 2:15.  At 3:00 she had marching band practice.  They were fed pizza, then had to get dressed for the game.  The game started at 7:00 and the band was the very last to leave.  The game went on forever!!  Four hours.  We didn't get home until 11:30pm. 

And it was sooo hot.  7pm: 

She was exhausted, but Valerie still had a blast.  I still don't know about doing the football thing every week, especially in this kind of heat.  I just don't do well sitting there sweating and feeling like I will pass out.  I'm' going to try to go again this Friday.  Probably homecoming.  And maybe a few more.  Maybe.

I have some (bad) video clips of the band's halftime show.  They have gotten so much better in recent weeks!!  I can't wait to see the whole marching show.  Next week I may try to bring my good camera to get better video.

My girl is definitely working hard, which brings us to this week.  It's going to be extra crazy.  Clint is in Houston, so it's just me. 

Monday (today)  Veronica has an orthodontist appointment.  Valerie has a doctor's appointment.
Tuesday:  Valerie has marching band.  Veronica has dancing.
Wednesday:  Valerie had marching band.  Veronica has dancing.
Thursday:  Valerie has... (guess)  band.
Friday:  Another long day with band practice and a football game.
Saturday: Marching band practice
Sunday: Marching band practice. 

Thank goodness for carpooling Moms to help get the girls to and from this craziness!!

Wednesday, September 04, 2019

It's check your neck month

Did you know that September is Thyroid Cancer Awareness month?

After my total thyroidectomy in 2014 (which wasn't cancer,) it was a new beginning for me. The first few months were just horrible.  It was nearly a full year before I felt okay, and I had a whole new level of normal.  I've not been quite the same since.  I'm okay, but not okay, if that makes sense.   I never dreamed we'd be dealing with any of that ever again.  Last summer, quite unexpectedly, life threw us a big curveball.  Quite by accident, we learned that Clint had thyroid cancer.  He had the same surgery as I did, followed by radio active iodine, and spent 5 days isolated from the household.  In just a few weeks he'll hit the one year mark, and he's about in the same boat as me.  Okay, but not okay.  There is no tired like 'no thyroid' tired.  It's definitely been life changing for him too, but at least the cancer is gone.

It's also crazy that in our very small circle, we have run across several others on this same journey.  I can think of eight people I know off the top of my head who have had a total or partial thyroidectomy.  Eight.  Makes you wonder if something in modern times is the cause?  All those dental x-rays?  Or is it found more often now because the technology is there to do so?  Thyroid cancer is so slow growing so it could take years before any symptoms surface. 

So, because of all that this is me reminding everyone that September is check your neck month!  We never thought it would happen to us, but it did.