Thursday, September 12, 2019

Cats post

Can I get a Happy Birthday, Sassy Cat?  Time is catching up with our dear old girl.  This cat is now officially 18.  She was born September 2001 and has been around since before marriage, a house, and the kids...  She still gets along pretty good for her age and is quite demanding.  We are here to serve her, right??  She can't get on the bed without help, so when she asks, she gets put where she wants to go.  She wants to eat?  She gets fed.  She walks very crooked on a bad day.  She is mostly deaf. We wonder sometimes if she has kitty dementia, as she seems to forget her routine from time to time or wanders around the house as if lost.  It is quite challenging sometimes, as you can't reason with a cat.  She has developed a strange aversion to the litter box, but is fine with a puppy pad... so a puppy pad it is.  Do what you have to do to appease the old cat because she's spoiled and who knows how much time she has left, right?

Bella turned 8 this summer.  Despite being on a low carb diabetic diet for the past 14 months, she is still very chonky and overweight.  She is forever hungry and has digestive issues.  The diabetes is in remission though!!  She hasn't needed insulin since last October.  I spot check her glucose from time to time and I'm always relieved to see those low numbers.  I know one day I'll see those numbers spike again, especially if we can't get the weight down.  She is more active and happier than she was, so there's that. Even with all the needle sticks she not once ever ran from me or tried to hide.  She's still the sweetest lap cat ever.

Finally, Gizmo is the baby at 4.  So much to say about this crazy cat!!  He's a copy cat and will go where Sassy goes.  At night he attacks my feet under the covers and I have the battle scars to prove it!  He steals socks/clothes and drags them around the house yowling.  He drowns toys in the water bowl.  He gets in these 'moods' where he is all puffy and wants someone to hold him and pet him.  It's quite funny and we call him 'puffy cat.'  It's so weird!  I read that it means he's super happy and loves us.  Well, we love you too, Gizzy!


  1. Wow, 3 cats! We never had any cats as pets, always dogs. They have such unique personalities your cats do! We had a corgi that was diabetic who needed shots twice a day; that was a challenge! So glad that yours is able to so far presently be controlled with diet. Sassy Cat looks great for 18! Hoping she'll be with you for a very long time in the future!


  2. What a fun pet post! As you probably know, I have diabetes too, which is no fun! You must be taking excellent care of your kitty patient! Keep up the great work!

  3. Didn't you use to have a blog about Bella? I remember reading all about her.

    She's quite extraordinary - I hope she'll live for a very, very, long time.

    1. Veronica, you have a great memory. I did!! The Many Places of Bella... it is still there but I haven't posted in a LONG time!

  4. Hi, Such great photos of your precious cats. We have 5 cats. Your fur babies are very fortunate to have you looking after them! I'm taking a break from my blog but wanted to wish you all a nice weekend.

  5. Happy Birthday to Sassy Cat! She looks amazing for 18 years old! I thought she was younger. All your fur babies are so cute! Happy Sunday!

  6. Your cats are beautiful! My first kitty ever was named Sassy. Your Sassy looks great for her age, and I love that you spoil her. All cats should be loved and spoiled that way.

  7. We used to have 3 cats and they all have their own personalities. God bless your 18 year old and the baby with diabities. YOU are taking good care of them all so well.