Monday, September 09, 2019

Friday Night Lights

I am not a football fan... not at all.  Not much of a sports fan either.  The thought of spending every Friday night at a high school football game does not appeal to me at all.

But of course we put all that aside and do what we must for our kids.  Friday night was Valerie's first high school football game experience and she was so excited. She also hates sports, but said she couldn't believe she was looking forward to a football game.  She learned all the stand tunes and couldn't wait to party in the stadium with her band friends.

However, it was a very LONG day.  She gets up at 5am, leaves at 6am.  School is until 2:15.  At 3:00 she had marching band practice.  They were fed pizza, then had to get dressed for the game.  The game started at 7:00 and the band was the very last to leave.  The game went on forever!!  Four hours.  We didn't get home until 11:30pm. 

And it was sooo hot.  7pm: 

She was exhausted, but Valerie still had a blast.  I still don't know about doing the football thing every week, especially in this kind of heat.  I just don't do well sitting there sweating and feeling like I will pass out.  I'm' going to try to go again this Friday.  Probably homecoming.  And maybe a few more.  Maybe.

I have some (bad) video clips of the band's halftime show.  They have gotten so much better in recent weeks!!  I can't wait to see the whole marching show.  Next week I may try to bring my good camera to get better video.

My girl is definitely working hard, which brings us to this week.  It's going to be extra crazy.  Clint is in Houston, so it's just me. 

Monday (today)  Veronica has an orthodontist appointment.  Valerie has a doctor's appointment.
Tuesday:  Valerie has marching band.  Veronica has dancing.
Wednesday:  Valerie had marching band.  Veronica has dancing.
Thursday:  Valerie has... (guess)  band.
Friday:  Another long day with band practice and a football game.
Saturday: Marching band practice
Sunday: Marching band practice. 

Thank goodness for carpooling Moms to help get the girls to and from this craziness!!


  1. You and your girls are so busy! :)

  2. So glad that your daughter enjoyed the first football game of the year. I am very familiar with the excitement and fun that goes along with football season. My son played every year in high school, and I don't think I missed a game of his. That's wonderful that your daughter plays in the school band. Wishing her a fun year filled with so many good things ahead. : )


  3. That's wonderful your daughter enjoyed the first football game! I haven't been to a game in ages, but I enjoyed going when the weather wasn't too hot! Have a great week Mellie!

  4. They sounded pretty good! I haven't been to a high school football game in years and I really don't know if they do marching bands here at the local high schools. Maybe its just too darn hot for the uniforms! Where we used to live in San Diego area, we could hear the marching band practice.'

    That is a grueling schedule for your daughter on Fridays and this week for the 3 of you. I follow another blog whose grandmother was raising one of her granddaughters who was in band. The grandmother was always glad when football season was over and always hoped the football team didn't make it into the playoffs.

    Take your vitamins and hang on to a wild week ahead.


  5. Glad that Valerie enjoyed her first high school football game.

    Happy Tuesday, Mel!

  6. Oh memories!
    Thinking of all that now makes me tired, but I remember the excitement of Friday nights when I was young and in band. Hoping it cools off soon!!!

  7. That schedule is crazy. I remember how exhausting it was raising teens. It's fun - I used to love going to their volleyball matches and theater shows - but all of that practicing was so time consuming.
    Looking back.. I miss those days. Glad that your daughter enjoyed her first game night. Good times.
    Hope it cools off soon too.

  8. I don't like football either. However, I cheered for it in high school. Our son plays lacrosse so I completely get out of the high school football scene! Thank goodness!

  9. It's a very busy time for you and the girls for sure. I promise it feels like forever with the Friday nights, but they'll be gone in a flash. We ended up going to every home game and a few 'close' away games, but skipped the longer commutes. I also don't care for sports or the heat. Happy Friday!! ;)